Baked chicken with potatoes and tomato salad

Over the Christmas holidays there was a chain email being passed around for people to exchange recipes. It was titled “Holiday recipe Exchange.”  I received one rather later, it was January already but I played along. Like all chain letters, you sent a recipe to the person at the top, removed them from the list then added yourself to the bottom of the list.

I must confess, I was hooked. If it was anything else I would have deleted the email faster than… … well, just really fast! But I couldn’t resist the recipes. I didn’t get back as many as I would have liked though.

This is one of the first ones I received from Moses Sitati, @mistersitati

onions and garlic in the pot

It is so simple and so yummy! All you need is garlic, onions salt and the chicken.   

First, wash and cut the chicken if you purchased a whole one. Then boil it in some water with chopped onions and garlic until it’s cooked. But don’t let it get to the point where the meat is falling off the bones.

chicken has defrosted and is ready for cutting
in the pot with the onions, salt, garlic and some water
finished boiling
I decided to separated the breast pieces for later, but you dont have to.

Next, place the pieces on a foiled oven tray and baste generously with the onion and garlic stock. Then bake in the oven until it’s all nice and golden brown, turning only once.

the rest on a foiled pan, basted with some of the stock and placed in the oven at 180°C
nicely browned
put in a serving dish and set aside

The chicken smelled really good when it was cooking. It usually stinks up the house when I boil chicken. The garlic and onions in the water had a completely different effect. I saved the stock for later use too.

I served the chicken with potatoes and a simple tomato salad.

peel and wash potatoes
boil the potatoes in the same pot that you boiled the chicken in, until they’re half cooked. No need to make another one dirty
and then fry them to finish cooking and until they get a little golden
next, the tomato salad. Chop two tomatoes, place in a bowl
grate two garlic cloves, add to the tomatoes
chop up a few basil leaves
add to the tomatoes, with a little olive oil (about 2 to 3 tablespoons) with salt and pepper to taste
mix mix mix


Husband Rating: ★★★★★★★★★½
ma ma ma ma! what did you do the chicken? 

Thanks Moses! That chicken was very delicious and moist on the inside.

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    1. Thanks Nyawax!
      For this recipe I didn’t cover it because the chicken was already cooked. Just place in the oven uncovered, until it browns. Turn it only once for the other side. Watch it closely though. (^_^)


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