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Herbed & roasted turkey legs

The turkey chatter online is hard to ignore this time of the year when the US is in the throws of their thanksgiving holiday. Was at the butchery on Monday and found they had some turkey legs. Apparently they always have them, but for some reason I’ve never noticed them before. Anyway, I was inspired! Yaaaay!

Pilau — with goat meat!

Pilau is a signature celebration dish in our East Africa. It can be made with chicken, beef or lamb, but the most loved is made with goat. I’ve tried making it in the past and failed miserably, with a charcoal base in every pot and hardly any flavour. This time I got an expert to teach me. So, now you can make the best pilau at home too. Read on to learn how…

Sweet potato and beets!

Been thinking I’m about due for another baby food post. Will be weaning my little one soon so there are plenty more coming. I learned this one from my friend Joy, hope your baby will love it…

7 ways to #BurgerFest at home!

We are in the throws of #BurgerFest 2017!! Happening in both Nairobi and Mombasa this year. Burger lovers rejoice! \(^o^)/ Even better news is you can also learn how to make your own amazing burgers at home. Here is how…

Lemon and thyme chicken

This is a long overdue post, I’m glad I finally have it up for y’all to enjoy. A classic flavour combination that is well loved, a must try if you haven’t already.

Maru bhajias

One of my favourite things about living in a mixed culture environment (yes, Nairobi is very mixed!) is all the different foods you get to enjoy. Very evident in all the different kinds of restaurants that are thriving. Another is learning how to make the foods you love from other cultures so that you can have them on demand, in the comfort of your home! Yum yum! When it comes to the most loved and made foods from the asian community I would say Chapatis are number one, Maru Bhajias follow closely behind for me, they are just awesome!! I’m so glad I can finally make them at home too, on demand! Read on to learn how…

A Kenyan burger 2: The Westerner, white meat and marrow patty

I’ve finally gotten around to getting another one of my burger recipes out. Check it out!

Roasted rainbow veggies — a warm salad.

Looking for something with a good mix of colour that’s fun to serve and delicious? This is sure to brighten up your spread and delight your guests! Make a note to try it this weekend.

Spicy breakfast potatoes – easy!

I make bread and porridge and all the other good stuff for breakfast but I really like potatoes. I like that they last longer in the belly, if I eat at 7 I’m not hungry by 10 — I’ll still take that snack though! 

Mukimo casserole

This is an old recipe that I dug up and refined for this special #onja post. Click on to learn more about #Onja and how to make this very delicious casserole.

Easy flavourful chicken wings

Chicken wings!! I received a request for a chicken wing recipe a while back. It has been overdue for a while. Because they’re not something I do very often, this is a very easy recipe, you could go home and make it today! check it out…

Tilapia & Matoke

Yes, I know. The title does not sound appetising at all, but I assure you, it is very very tasty and smells great. No fishy smell at all.

Simple sweetcorn salad (warm/cold)

Easy and quick to make, this simple salad that can de served warm or cold not only tastes good but also adds wonderful colour to your spread.

Kuku wa kienyeji stew (free range chicken)

How to make a delicious stew with free range chicken. Also a few notes on how to select one for the softest meat possible.

Sukuma wiki (collard greens) in caramelised onions

Wanna add some savoury sweet to this robust and flavourful green? Caramelised onions will do just that for you and the results are awesomeness in your mouth. Your tastebuds will sing!

Chicken with butternut and spinach

I have to say, this ranks as one of my favourites of the baby food recipes. Definitely in the top 5. I also share a little bit about my weaning journey in this post (^_^) Enjoy!

My go at dutch oven whole wheat bread

Y’all know, I like to bake bread at home. In fact, I don’t buy white bread anymore, only wholemeal/wholegrain. But I’ve been wanting to start making that at home as well. It can’t be that much harder, right?

Baked red snapper — creamy and savoury

Fish, one of the categories that needs more posts, so here is a new one. A lovely creamy baked red snapper. Not complicated to prepare at all.

Butternut and cauliflower mash

Several of my friends have had babies lately and more are still on the way to having babies. One request I’m hearing more and more is for weaning recipes. Well, here is one…

Potatoes roasted with peppers and onions

Finally, my first recipe post of the year! Thank you for patiently waiting (^_^) As you can see I’ve been busy getting the ball rolling on other things. How do Y’all like the new look of the website? I would love your feedback. For now, let’s get on with how to make these yummy looking potatoes…

5 Tips for preparing your Valentine’s Day meal

As the pressure rises out there every year, people are wrecking their brains to top last year’s Valentine’s day events. An easy way to #ShareTheLove on that day is to make a lovely meal and spend a quiet day in — just my thought. If you are interested, here are some tips for how to make that go smoothly…

My top 5 recipes from 2015

These were not easy to select, I was very picky about what I posted this year. I’ve been deliberate on making sure each post was worth your time and tastebuds! If you’ve been looking through the site and wondering what to make first, this post is for you, definitely start here.

Chicken marinated in yoghurt

I cooked it two different ways and they were both awesome!

Caramelised onions

So this post was supposed to go up last week but I was just waaaaay to busy! In a good way though. The year is definitely winding up, I can feel the rush, you?

Not fried & just as good as french fries!

The goodness of fried potatoes/french fries/chips without the frying!

A Kenyan Burger

Yes, a Kenyan burger! This is my take on what that might look like. I’ve been thinking about it for a while, just finally put it down, I hope you’ll like it. Check it out…

Sugar snaps and baby corn stir fry

Beautiful colour, tasty, a little sweet even — what more can you ask for in a veggie stir-fry!

Lime and rosemary potatoes

Just letting you know now, if you taste one before serving  you might eat your portion of potatoes before they reach the table. They are delicious!

Roasted pumpkin soup

I know we are getting into our summer season now so you can save it for later when the cold season starts again. But if you are like me and you just like soup, you will enjoy this.

Mango and avocado salad

This is a do over of an old recipe that I took down earlier this year. I’ve made it way way better!

Lime and chilli plantain wedges

The sweet+sour+chilli combo is well loved, so why not with plantain? They are already sweet, so just add a bit of sour and chill and you’ve got dynamite bites!

Garlic and sage hasselback potatoes

As far as baked potatoes go, these delicious specimens rank very high. They look great and are so easy to customise to your palette! Have a look and give them a go!

Oriental inspired stir fried lamb

Pretty colours aren’t they? It’s nice simple little recipe too, as far as quick dinners go, I’d add this to your list. Minimal prep and cooking time.

Sticky lamb meatballs

If you are looking at that photo and thinking “if I could just stick my hand into the screen and pull out a couple of those meatballs…” — I don’t blame you. I thought the same thing as I was preparing this post. And yes, they are awesome, do try them out.

Tamarind Paste (ukwaju)

Made this recently and used it in a couple of recipes. Thought I’d share how I did it before the recipes. Tamarind is an awesome natural sweet, right up there with dates. It also has a rich flavour of its own. See how I made the paste…

Wholemeal banana & oat cookies

I’ve started to experiment with wholemeal flour, I’d like to switch everything I make to wholemeal. Here is one thing that turned out right on the first go…

Plantain discs (2 ways)

Here are two more ideas for the plantain lover! These require a little more work because of the size but still worth it I think…

Spicy plantain wedges (2 ways)

Hello!  🙂
Yes, I’m still around. August has been a quiet month for me. Oh I’m still cooking, experimenting and so on, just haven’t been online very much. It has been quite nice actually. Sometimes there’s just too much to see, and the more you consume, the more you want and before you know it your head is so full of clutter and you just can’t think. So I guess you could say I’ve been clearing my head. How has your August been?

Roasted cherry tomatoes and cauliflower

Every time I roast veggies I like the idea more and more. I’m also discovering new things I can roast…

June wa Ranja: Thanks-to-Siba grilled corn salad with basil pesto dressing

Just a word of warming, if you make this, you will likely not have any leftovers…