Garlic and sage hasselback potatoes

So I’ve been sitting on this post for a while, I just wasn’t sure it was needed. There are so many hasselback potato posts out there, just do a search and see. Not that everything I post is completely unique, I learn and pick things from other chefs and bloggers too. I think I was just overwhelmed by all the different recipes people had already made.

hmmm, cheesy goodness!
hmmm, cheesy goodness!

And it’s just as well because they are so easy to change up, refresh and add flavour. They taste awesome when they’re just plain already but one could easily make them everyday for 30 days and not eat them the same way twice. So I decided to make the post just because of that versatility. You just have to have this in your list of things to make. The cutting is a bit fussy but you’ll get the hand of it quickly then it’s a breeze from there.   

Because of how they’re cut, the larger size of potatoes is easier to handle. Best way to do this is to peel all the potatoes first. Then take one, lay it down on it’s side, make sure it’s stable. You can also make a cut, slice of a little thin layer along the side to create a flat area so that it’s stable.

Then put something on either side of the potato to prevent you from cutting it all the way through. I used these wooden spoons, but you can use anything that will not be easily cut by the knife. Then make the cuts as evenly as possible, doesn’t have to be perfect though.

Repeat till you’re done with all the potatoes. The hardest bit is over, next  icon-arrow-right  flavour!

I have made many batches of these potatoes, in the beginning they were plain, then I did a garlic and butter version, yum! This one was with sage and garlic.

how much garlic you use is up to you, depends on your taste for it and how many potatoes you’re making
I crushed the garlic, then added salt and some dried sage all to taste (in hind site, I should have used fresh sage, I think it would have been better) and some olive oil
arrange the potatoes on a foiled baking pan/sheet, baste with the flavour mix and place in the oven

Set the oven temperature to 180°C and use the middle rack. They will cook for at hour. But after 30 min, pull them out and baste them again.

this is what they look like after 3o min, I baste them again, it’s now much easier to separate the cuts a but if they’re not already separating (usually they are) to get your flavour mix all the way inside

Then put them back in the oven for the remaining half hour

when these were done I topped them with a bit of grated parmesan cheese before serving

Oh they are so delicious! Plus the added bonus of being able to flavour as you please, make your own mix, add chilli,… etc. I’ve seen guys stick pieces of ham between the slices. Or bacon! You could also choose not to peel the potatoes, just wash them thoroughly. They just scream freedom!

Go ahead, give them ago, make them yours!

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