Guest Posts

Recipes and good food are meant to be shared and enjoyed — they’re just no fun stuck in a book or when eating alone. Here are some recipes from a few friends that have shared the love with me. Do read the interviews, it’s a little peak into their hearts + they are hilarious! Do try the recipes, come back and give them feedback.

And remember to share the love too!

Kuku wa kienyeji stew (free range chicken)

How to make a delicious stew with free range chicken. Also a few notes on how to select one for the softest meat possible.

June wa Ranja: Thanks-to-Siba grilled corn salad with basil pesto dressing

Just a word of warming, if you make this, you will likely not have any leftovers…

June wa Ranja: Interview, part 2

And here is part 2 of the interview as we continue to chat with June, …

June wa Ranja: Meatloaf according to the Sandwich King

If you are looking for something that will wow your guests, this is definitely it! June shows us how to get it done with such ease so you can look like you know how to throw down!

June wa Ranja: Interview, part 1

It’s guest post day! Yaaaaay! Have you ever met someone that just has you beaming in joy from the moment you meet them to the moment you part? Well, June is exactly that sort of person. Get to know her a little in this post, part 1 of the interview…

Ina wa Maridadi blog

Meet the writer of all things maridadi! + I tried out one of her recipes.

Wanjiru wa Drew: Mahamri / Mandazi

Also known as the african doughnut, this delightful little pastry is always a hit at tea time!

Wanjiru wa Drew: Sausage mishkaki / skewers

If you’re looking for quick and easy to do this is it! I remember as a kid my mother would give us tasks in the kitchen to help with preparation, most a specially when we were hosting. I can just imagine her instructing to prepare these — that’s how simple they are. But don’t let the simplicity fool you, they are very tasty.

A Gourmet Story 2

The story is now cooking…

Anne: Light coconut curry chicken

Real, home made, mouthwatering goodness! It doesn’t get better than this. The best meals are the ones we make up on our own, following our instincts for flavour. You know why? Because nobody likes bad food. This is a must try recipe, check it out…

Anne: Interview

It’s guest post day! My neighbour Anne is an awesome cook. I discovered that on a random day. I dropped by and she was just about to eat, and she shared her lunch with me — don’t you just love it when that happens?! The spontaneous sharing of food I mean. It just warms the heart doesn’t it? Here is a little bit about her…

Gatuiri tells us how she’s doing it all!

Ever heard of Leo Tunapika? Well, now you have, click to learn some more, you will not regret it!

A Gourmet Story

Hello foodies! Today we have a special treat from a very talented writer! This is the first guest author post and I am so pleased and honoured to have Njeri of #TheHouseOfOlang’ grace the pages of Pendo La Mama with this tantalising piece.

Shiro wa Mogee: Chicken breast in white sauce over rice

This is an awesome chicken recipe! If you are not a fan of chicken breast meat, you will be after trying this out. Juicy, flavourful, tender…

Janice wa Moses: Chapati sausage!

Do you remember the foods you used to make up when you were in high school or college? Well Janice does, follow along as she tells us about it…

Janice wa Moses: Interview

Get to know Janice…

Shiro wa Mogee: Pizzafied chicken breast

This is an awesome and unique recipe. Will take a bit of time to prepare and it will be well worth it in the end, check it out…

Shiro wa Mogee: Interview

Get to know Shiro…

Melissa wa Declan: Cheesy broccoli

This broccoli recipe from Melissa is a gem! Check it out, give it a try and pass it on!

Melissa wa Declan: Interview

Get to know Melissa…