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In 2007, I went to the Seychelles for work. The hotel I was staying in served this wonderful broccoli and cheese dish that I have never forgotten. I find broccoli very bland but the addition of cheese made it very tasty.

I liked it so much I’ve been trying to replicate it since I got back from that trip. I first tried baking it in the oven but the broccoli became too dry and bitter. What I’m looking for is for it to be a creamy, moist with cheesy crust, like a casserole. It’s not exactly as I remember yet but here is what I have so far …

peel three cloves of garlic and crush

3 cloves of garlic, peeled and crushed
2 heads of broccoli, cut and washed
2 small onions, chopped
baking flour
salt and pepper
grated cheese

I add most of the ingredients by eye so I don’t have exact quantities for all the ingredients but I think you’ll get the idea.  

chop off the long stem ends of the broccoli
chop onions
meanwhile my 2 year old son helps to wash the broccoli
broccoli and garlic ready
start with margarine (I was out of butter this day but if you have butter, it’s better)
add the crushed garlic
then the washed broccoli
then the onions
stir often, it should be a bit moist, use low to medium heat so that it doesn’t dry
once the onions soften add flour and milk, similar to making white sauce. Starting with flour
then some milk
stir and until it mixes well
grate some cheese into it, I use cheddar cheese
mix in
cover for a minutes
serve as a side with a main meal

Declan’s Rating: ★★★★★★★★★☆

And that’s it, It’s quick and easy! The flavour is great!

But I’m still looking for a way to bake it in the oven and make it a proper casserole dish without the broccoli drying and becoming bitter. If you’ve made a similar dish before with success I’d appreciate suggestions …

Thank you Mel! (^_^)

I’ve never made broccoli this way, I tasted some, it was yummy!

I could see how the broccoli might dry up in the oven though, but I have no idea how one would do it and get a nice cheesy crust. Any thoughts?


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9 thoughts on “Melissa wa Declan: Cheesy broccoli

  1. Nice post. This is how I would do a baked version.
    -Blanch broccoli in salted boiled water to parcook it & keep the green colour. Refresh in iced water.
    -In pot over medium heat, melt butter, add garlic & onions then the flour. Cook the flour out for about 45 secs.
    – Stream in the cold milk while whisking to prevent lumps forming. Simmer this until sauce thickens.
    – Add the cheese, then broccoli.
    -Add to baking dish, sprinkle more cheese on top. Bake in hot oven.

  2. Millie, it really is easy and simple, you should try it some time;

    Adding by eye is a skill very few possess 🙂 MO$;

    I love Pendo la Mama too Joyce, there are so many creative ideas here;

    Thank you Kip, it sounds yummy just by how you described it, I will definitely give it a try with the help of my 2 year old son.


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