Potato kachumbari

It sounds strange but I didn’t know what else to call it. It’s a potato salad, I used kachumbari ingredients, then added potatoes and a couple of other things. An impromptu experiment that turned out really well (^_^)


The potatoes take a little longer to prepare so start with them. I didn’t think plain boiled potatoes would work so I added some flavour to them as follows …   

Peel and chop the potatoes to bite sized pieces and since. Then peel and grate 4 cloves of garlic and you’re ready to begin (^_^)

4 grated garlic cloves in a bit of cooking oil on low to medium heat for 30 seconds
add the chopped potatoes, add salt, stir, cover so they can steam a little bit.
then when they start to cook or are half cooked, pour them onto a foiled oven dish, put in the oven in grill mode at 180C till they start to get a little colour and are cooked

Don’t cover the potatoes, and place them close to the top in the oven

in the mean time, using the same pot you used for the potatoes, cook some peas in water (I’m always trying to save on the number of dishes to wash later)
chop 2 onions and soak in warm water with salt and a 1 tablespoons of vinegar (back right), chop 3 tomatoes and dhania, place in serving bowl (back left) and sprinkle with salt, then chop a few basil leaves
by this time the potatoes and peas should be ready
add all all the ingredients to the bowl with the tomatoes and dhania, mix, slowly, don’t mash. Drizzle in the juice of one lemon and mix again, just a bit

Taste the onions to make sure they’re not so sharp anymore, you can give them a little more time to soak if they need it.


Husband Rating: ★★★★★★★★½☆


Served with roasted goat meat.


on the next day I pan fried the leftovers and served with sausages, also very nice


I did an exclusive post for Kweli Media earlier this year on different kinds of kachumbari. You can read it here – link

What interesting thinks have you done with kachumbari?



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  1. OOh yum this looks so nice and I like the fact that it can be re-fried for breakfast, this is definitely a must try, great stuff.


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