Janice wa Moses: Interview

Guest post! Yaaay!

I have been reminded that I need to do more of these, there is just so much creativity out there!

Anyhow, without further delay, our guest post today is Janice, wife to Moses and mother to two wonderful little ones (^_^) Read on as she tells us a little more about herself…

First thing you learned how to cook?
Eggs! I think it was my elder brother or sister who taught me how to make eggs because they used to make their own eggs and mix them up in fun ways on the weekends.

I enjoy cooking nowadays because I get to experiment with new things, which is fun. I like experimenting with new and interesting flavours and having them work out. For example when I find a new recipe it’s exciting to see it come to life, and seeing my husband enjoy the food is an added incentive. I really don’t like cooking when I am tired though.

First thing you cooked for hubby?
I really don’t remember the first meal I cooked for my husband..I think it was pilau. I never used to cook much before getting married, but I cook a lot more now. My husband is somewhat of a picky eater and knowing what to cook on a particular day can be a challenge because on some days he does not feel like eating what I have cooked! 

 I like rich foods while he likes simpler tastes for example he will pick plain potatoes over cheese and bacon potatoes (mmmmmmmmm! ☺). I’d like my children to have healthy eating habits, to eat limited processed foods and to enjoy natural but tasty foods. For instance, a zucchini, banana and flax seed muffin instead of a chocolate fudge cake. So far I try to ensure the meals are healthy but tasty and it often works, though sometimes, my son completely refuses the healthy stuff like broccoli.   

mama's little helpers! The blenders are the most useful gadgets in my kitchen
mama’s little helpers! The blenders are the most useful gadgets in my kitchen

Where do you find inspiration?
I use the Internet a lot for inspiration for my meals. I type in the ingredients that I have and see what recipes I can find. I don’t have a set menu… I try to get a feel for what my husbands wants for that day and plan around that. Like I said… he’s somewhat of a picky eater.

Chicken and pilau was a favourite meal when I was growing up at home, right now I’d say it would be some variation of chicken and potatoes.

Made anything adventurous?
I’ve tried various Ethiopian dishes that have turned out well. I’ve also learned to make nice salads which my husband likes. I once made fried ndumas and ngwashes which were really nice but my picky husband and son just looked at them. I want to learn to make everything I see on Barefoot Contessa! I wish I made more baked casseroles and pasta dishes.

My cooking style used to be very routine..same spices, same ingredients, same tastes. Thanks to my husband I have learned to experiment with different spices, herbs, ingredients and ways of cooking, not just stewing everything. 

Early evening is my most ideal time to be in the kitchen but I rarely get to do this because of the babies.

Tell us anything… 
Cooking is what you make it, have fun, try new things and you’ll be amazed at what you can do.

Her meal is a delicious surprise, very very very creative! Check back in 10 min and it will be up (^_^)


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