Wanjiru wa Drew: Sausage mishkaki / skewers

I recently had the pleasure of hosting Wanjiru Kihusa — in case you are wondering, she is every bit as gracious in person as she sounds on her blog! Do visit it, it is a gem. I love reading it. She discusses sensitive issues in a very gentle way and she still manages to keep it real. While she was over, she showed me how to make these awesome skewers.

In her own words…


These skewers are very simple to make, I like them for snacks or appetisers when hosting a group. Most especially a group that you host regularly like a bible study group where you’re not expected to serve a full meal, just snacks and drinks. You’ll need a large onion, Red, yellow and green bell peppers, a carrot and a pack of sausages of your choice.   

start cooking the sausages in a pan with a little bit of cooking oil, turning them often until cooked
while the sausages are cooking you can begin to prepare the other ingredients, cut them into small bite sized pieces for skewing

Depending on the size of your bell pepper you may only need half of each

same with the onion, cut chunky pieces and then separate them
once the sausages are ready, take them out of the pan and set aside to cool
then you can begin cooking the veggies in the same pan
then you can begin cooking the veggies in the same pan. Start with the onion
and then add the bell peppers and carrots
and then add the bell peppers and carrots and sprinkle a little salt

You don’t want the veggies to cook completely, so don’t let them get soft, especially the onions, just a touch of heat to release the sweet flavours and that’s it. So watch the closely. You also want them to be firm enough for the skewers

once cool enough to touch, you can start cutting up the sausages
when the veggies are ready throw in a dash of freshly ground black pepper to your taste
give the veggies a couple of minutes to cool then start skewing away


and there they are all done!

Drew’s Rating: ★★★★★★★★★☆
Why don’t you make this at home?

The full skewers can be part of a meal. For variation do half the skewer for snaking or a toothpick with one piece of sausage to serve as an appetizer.

He he he! That line is a classic with husbands I think, I get it too. Together with “How come you don’t make this nice food for me?” when we are hosting. It’s like they suddenly forget all the nice things we already make. I think it has something to do with them being territorial; they must want all the nice food for themselves! 

I absolutely loved these skewers, the flavours worked so well together. And I really like how versatile it is. Can go from a full meal to snack to appetiser. Try it at home folks — it’s a winner!

Don’t go too far though, stay tuned — in the next post she will be showing me how to makes a classic favourite  icon-smile-o

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  1. The food looks so colorful and it looks quite easy to prep save for my phobia of putting in sausages into the oil. I almost always get burnt 🙁


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