Oriental inspired stir fried lamb

The flavours this reminded me of something I’ve had in an Oriental restaurant — nothing specific, my mind just went there the moment I tasted it.

served over white rice, loved the colours, even hubby mentioned how good it looked when I handed hi his plate…

It was delicious, made me feel like I should experiment more with stir fry meals, especially because they’re so easy to make. I like how easy it is to include vegetables in a stir fry dish. All the possible colour combinations are just too much fun. But first, the recipe…   

you’ll need some lamb fillet cut into thin-ish pieces; two cloves of garlic, grated; ginger the size of one clove of garlic, also grated

Sheep are small animals so the fillet you get from them is very little too, enough for two generous portions, 3 is stretching it. But it’s nice and soft. Something you’d have to ask your butcher to cut for you.

then you’ll also need to prepare some veggies. I must confess I wasn’t thinking nutrition, I simply like how these three looked together! Carrot, yellow pepper and sugar snaps

Feel free to make your own selection though, there is plenty to choose from out there

I started with a bit of olive oil in a pan, the meat, the ginger and the garlic,…

Stir on medium heat, don’t allow the garlic and ginger to burn

added 3 tablespoons of soy sauce and 2 teapsoons of tamarind paste

In case you haven’t seen it yet, the tamarind paste recipe is here

keep stirring frequently, add just a little bit of water if you think it’s drying out too much, add salt to state
once the lamb was cooked I added the carrots and sugar snaps

In hind site, I would have waited on the sugar snaps. This was too early to add them as you can tell from the photos they overcooked. If you try this with sugar snaps, let them be the one of the last items you add.

then finally the yellow pepper

Then taste for salt, add if it needs any and chop up a little bit of dhania to fold in

fold the dhania into the stir fry and you’re done!

Serve immediately over steamed rice

it was yum, the sugar snaps were still crunchy despite looking so overcooked

And there you have it. Do try it and remember to plan how you add your veggies so they don’t overcook.

The tamarind flavour didn’t come through as much as I wanted, just hot a hint of the sweetness. I think next time a i’ll do less soy sauce and more tamarind paste. Still a good one though.

What would you do with some tamarind paste? Let me know below… I would like to try something I didn’t come up with  icon-smile-o

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