Mango and avocado salad

There has been lots of migration talk in the media. People migrating, animals migrating, #obamigration! Thought I’d join in on the chatter too  icon-smile-o

I’ve spent the last few months moving things around on the site, there are now brand new categories that make it easier for you to find recipes based on what you have a taste for. All the old and new posts are now in the new categories. If you want to see chicken recipes just click the  icon-plus on the “Meats & Fish” then select “Chicken” and voilà! All the chicken recipes I have ever posted will load for you.

I’m very excited about the new categories, it’s helped me to see where the gaps are so I can spend more constructive time creating recipes to fill them. Please do browse the new categories and let me know what you think is missing and I’ll add it to my to do list.

refreshingly fruity!

As I was going through all the old recipes to move them to the new categories I found some old posts that just said “lazy!” He he he! Had a good laugh at myself. I’m not even sure why I bothered to post them.

One of them was called “mango and avocado salsa” — no link to the old post because I took it down. I have taken down quite a few posts but not to worry, I am redoing all of them slowly and will replace them with fresh posts. This is the first of those, to replace the “mango and avocado salsa.”  That old one was… well, lets just say I’ve put more thought into this new one.   

It’s really a very simple recipe, I like it specifically to go with fish.

You will need a nice sweet, ripe mango, avocado, onion dhania and a lime.

so when I first started I was going to use a red onion. Then I changed my mind and decided to try it with a white onion. I have used red before, I think either one is OK, so use whatever you fancy
chop up equal amounts of mango, onion and avocado, to about the same size at well
n nmv
colours are so pretty, aren’t they? Then you want to squeeze some lime onto the onions and some onto the avocado. Leave them for about a minute then combine all the ingredients onto one bowl, and toss in some chopped dhania
and there you have it, refreshing deliciousness in a bowl!

Make some fish today and try it! Enjoy!


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