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Chunky omelet V1.0 — Tomatoes

Omelettes are my favourite food to have for breakfast. Can never go wrong with an omelette, they are tasty on their own but also so easy to flavour and add to. They just lovingly take in all sorts of ingredients and the result is always — wow!

liver, ugali and sukuma

Ugali, goat liver and sukuma

I really like liver. I think it’s one of the tastiest meats around. Goat, sheep, cow — I’m not picky, except for chicken livers, for some reason I just can’t bring myself to eat chicken livers, yet.


Gearing up for battle!

In the left corner, we have Aphids, a massive army conducting an invasion with precision! In the left corner, we have Aika, she’s armed with determination, she will have these herbs and eat them too!


Trouble in the herb garden

Note to self: Just because I’m rowing the herbs doesn’t mean I’m the only one interested in making a meal out of them.

the fruit selection

Mixed fruit juice

When you’ve got too many fruits ripening at the same time, one of the best way to make use of them so that you don’t have to throw the out is to turn them into juice! Though that was not the case this time, I just wanted some fresh juice (^_^)

rice and beans

Rice and beans

I have several recipes for beans because I cook them often, it’s boring if they taste the same every time. I leaned this method from my mother…

in the sieve over a bowl

Save the tomatoes!

I remember watching my mother do this to tomatoes when I was little, though I don’t remember why or what dish it was for. But this is why I do it…

baked banana and carrot cake, fresh out of the offen

Banana and carrot cake

Have to many ripened bananas in the house? Here’s a good way to use them up before you have to throw them out!

baked french toast fresh out of the oven

Baked French toast

Here’s a different way to make french toast in the morning that is sure to brighten up the start of your day.

cooked wedges

Sweet potato wedges

If you’re a fan of sweet potatoes you will love these wedges. If you don’t care much for sweet potatoes, you will love this wedges! (^_^)


Chicken in garlic and mint

You win some you lose some! Can’t be perfect at everything. My second attempt with the garlic and mint was completely rejected! But I came back strong with this chicken recipe…

Minced beef and spinach linguini

A tasty minced beef recipe, delicious with any pasta of your choice.

matoke, potatoes, sweet potatoes & butternut in one pot

All my favourites!

Matoke does not have to be boring and it it doesn’t have to be cooked alone, it plays very nice with a few roots mixed in. Try this mix and add some flavour to your matoke night days.

lamb and roasted potatoes

Lamb + roasted potatoes

Check out what I did with the mint and garlic marinade I made a few days ago…

omlete and whole grain toast

Omelette with toast (whole grain)

Nothing like a good old fashioned omelette to start your day.

mint and garlic

Marinade for later

A marinade with some fresh mint. Easy to make and store for later use.

Scramble & sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes for breakfast? Yes please!

nutmeg and vanilla toat

Nutmeg & vanilla toast

Looking to start your day with some tasty toast? Look no further…

tilapia with garlic and rosemary

Tilapia in garlic & rosemary

Fish is a challenge for me because it’s not something I was keen on learning how to make while growing up,… or even after I grew up. But it’s never too late for anything…