Ugali, goat liver and sukuma

When my husband brings home some liver from the meat market it’s better than flowers! Yes,… that’s how much I like liver. It’s very easy to prepare, it has such a nice flavour on it’s own that I think it’s hard to mess it up no matter what you do.

liver, ugali and sukuma
this is so tasty!

OK, the ugali is straight forward, the sukuma I just fried in onions. To be honest, by the time I got to the sukuma the liver was already cooked and smelling up the apartment. My husband walked into the kitchen to ask if it was ready and I said “Yup! Just have to cook the veggies,” to which he replied “I don’t need veggies!” I felt him on this one, I just wanted to dig in too. So the sukuma had to be quick, just onions.

I cooked the liver with a bulb of galic (minced), 2 onions, ½ a green pepper and chunky tomatoes. The liver doesn’t take very long to cook. If you leave it in the fire too long it becomes hard a chewy so let everything soften in the fire a little before adding the liver.

Husband Rating: ★★★★★★★★☆☆
flavourful balanced meal 

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2 thoughts on “Ugali, goat liver and sukuma

    1. It was very yummy! (^_^) I wasn’t sure how long to cook the sukuma, I just left it on the fire for what seemed to be a reasonable amount of time. But I will correct that next time. Thank you for your comment!


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