Gearing up for battle!

So I asked around to see if anyone had a quick and easy solution for the bugs, everyone said to visit an agrovet store. Thing is, I’m a bit concerned about spraying chemicals. The plants are very young right now and I’m not sure I’d want to put them in my food after spraying. But then again, everything I buy in the market has probably been sprayed with something.


I went to an agrovet and got something but I decided to google “aphids” just to see what comes up. I found a website with a humorous approach and an interesting home remedy. They start like this:

“If you’re a gardener—flowers, vegetables or otherwise—you are engaged in constant battle. I’m not talking epic Mel Gibson in Braveheart battle. No. I’m talking Bruce Willis in every movie he’s ever been in battle; One guy against the mass hoards of greed and corruption. Sure, you’ll get your butt kicked a little. You’ll probably end up with a broken nose, a couple cracked ribs and at least one bullet hole. But in the end, you will kill everybody. That is unless you’re dealing with aphids. With aphids you need to pull out a little bit of Arnold vs. Predator. You have to play it smart, because if you’re not paying attention it’s all over.”

You can read the rest here.

I think I’ll attempt the mild dish soap and warm water method first (^_^)

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