Marinade for later

Found some fresh mint at the market today.

Decided to make a marinade for using later. Don’t know what I’ll use it on yet but it will keep well for at least a week in the fridge. That will give me enough time to come up with something (^_^)

mint and garlic
marinades always smell so good!

Ingredients: mint, garlic and cooking oil


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4 thoughts on “Marinade for later

    1. Hey Gatuiri,
      I get my herbs from Ngara market, there’s a guy along the Ngara road side that stocks all kinds of herbs. Don’t remember his stall number… but I’ll send you a map of his general location. The best time to get his fresh stock is usually on saturday morning around 9 to 11 am

      But when I’m in a hurry, they stock quite a few in the Zucchini Grocery stores. The best time to get fresh stuff is also in the mornings when they’re just had a delivery. And their prices I’ve found are the same as the market for most things.

      Thank you for visiting my site!


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