All my favourites!

OK! Maybe not all (taro root is missing), but they’re all favourites. Matoke, potatoes, sweet potatoes and butternut! Some people think this is horrible but I love it! Just imagine, the matoke and potatoes getting hit with notes of sweet potato and creamy butternut (^_^)

So this is a before picture, of all the above in the pot before I cooked. Unfortunately I didn’t get a good after photo so this will have to do. Maybe next time. The ratio is 3:2:2:1 (matoke, potatoes, sweet potatoes, butternut respectively).

matoke, potatoes, sweet potatoes & butternut in one pot

Additional ingredients:
2 red onions chopped
1 large carrot grated
2 tomatoes chopped
2 table spoons cooking oil
salt to taste

Sprinkle in all the additional ingredients over the mix in the pot. Add water till it’s almost level (about 1 or 2 cm less than the contents). Cover the pot (but not completely, let the cover sit on the side a bit leaving an opening). Bring to a boil then reduce to medium heat. Check it and stir once in a while till everything is cooked and the water reduces leaving only a pulpy sauce. If the water dries out before everything is cooked you can add more.

I like this dish as is so I don’t add anything else to it. But you can serve it with a side of veggies. I like the the left overs with a plain omlete in the morning (^_^)

Husband Rating: ★★★★★★★★☆☆
Chunky, hearty, filling. Highly recommended before a construction job. 

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