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Chapos with liver stew

Have ever tried a little curry powder in your liver stew? Well neither had I until now, and I think I like it better with the curry…

Tomato and parsley omelet

I think eggs are amazing, there are o many ways to make them and flavour them. One could easily eat eggs for a whole year and not eat them the same way twice. They play very well with a wide range of flavours. This is an easy one to try out…

Pasta and meat sauce

This is a deliciously flavourful meat sauce, just the right balance of herbs and spices \(^_^)/ It is a must try. Give your family a treat this week. And make plenty, it’s guaranteed to inspire second helpings.

Ugali and vegetable curry

Curry in your veggies! And why not? Try this out to spice up your vegetarian night this week!

Pasta, potatoes and pesto!

I know, I know! In that photo it look like a hodgepodge of so many things, but I assure you it’s very tasty.

Matoke with peanut sauce

This is a Ugandan dish. I learned about it recently from Lydia. She studied at Makerere University so she lived there for several years. Traditionally, the matokes are cooked with…

Lamb curry and rice

I pulled out what I thought was a meaty thigh piece to defrost but it turned out to be a back bone piece. Not a lot of meat. It was quite a task to get it off the bones!

Sweet potato soup

I wanted something light, he was not very hungry because he stuffed himself with tea and cake when he got home — can’t complain though, it was my cake (^_^)

Chapos round 2!

I am getting wiser on this. Thank God for friends who cook! (^_^) After my chapo post, several friends shared their knowledge on how to get them done right. 1.…

Almost Jamie Oliver’s “Purple Potato Salad”

When you find a recipe that looks good but not all the ingredients are available in your market there’s no need to write it off, look for creative ways to make it with what you can find…

My bachelorette pesto!

I used to make this when I was a bachelorette, living alone and no one to cook for but me. It’s super easy to prepare and the best part is…

Fifth spray

Keeping a herb garden is certainly more work than I expected. Bugs were not even the last thing on my mind when I started, they were not there at all!! But I’ve learned something new,…

Lamb strips with fried plantain and kachumbari

It’s always nice to have a dinner that comes together quickly. It will be even faster if you marinate the lamb in the morning and leave it in the fridge for the evening

Lemon cake

I think the best recipes out there are the ones that have been tested by time, they get passed on from generation to generation over centuries. I don’t have anything like that in my family but I hope yo one day come up with something worth passing on.

Fourth spray

Forging on with the battle. Persistence is key…

Chunky omelet V3.0 — Sausages +

If you’re having a few people over for brunch this is sure to fill and satisfy. It has everything everyone loves to have for breakfast, sausages, bacon, eggs,… it’s a crowed pleaser!

Square watermelon

Not just any watermelon, square ones! No, not what we had, but they do exist. Human beings are so inventive, it’s amazing the things people come up with.

Chapos for breakfast!

Appreciating the little things. When he says he’s making breakfast just say thank you! Enjoy the break (^_^)

Third spray

Success! I really like this soapy water treatment.

Chapos for dinner! Part 2

Wow! was totally out of my element with this one. I really enjoy Ethiopian food but I never thought I’d be making it till I was given the shiro flour. Lesson learned though, one new thing per meal. Doing two new things is hectic!

Chapos for dinner! Part 1

Will take some time to get used to all that rolling. Dinner was a bit late but I was happy with the progress, I’m glad I finally took on the challenge of learning how to make the chapos. Now I just need to get better, which is simply a matter of time, practice and patience.

Second spray

Staying on top of things

Banana-raisin cake

Adding raisins is an easy way to freshen up an old cake recipe. If you have a recipe that you make often and you just want to change things up a bit, throw in a handful of raisins. I do reccomend soaking them in something ahead of time, even if it’s not alcohol, I might even steam them a little, just so they’re not so dry.

Sausage stir-fry

Sausages have been a breakfast favourite ever since I was a child. I don’t remember them being served any other way other than plain pan/deep fried. But it doesn’t have to always be that way, after all it’s meat (yes, with lots of other stuff in it but…) and that makes it good for cooking many other ways.

Try this version next time you have them for breakfast.

Ugali and chicken stew

It doesn’t really matter how you cook it, you can never go wrong with chicken. I think everyone should have a couple of chicken recipes down. My favourite way to have it is stewed, so nicely that even the marrow is tasty. When I make my favourite chicken stew not even the bones are left intact. But that’s story for another day,…

Rice with mixed veggies

Not the most exciting dinner on the planet but we’ve all got to eat some veggies! Unfortunately I didn’t think this through, the rice was too dry, I should have done a vegetable recipe with a bit of sauce. But these veggies are still very nice, try them out, just not alone with rice (^_^)

Tilapia with celery sauce

I was feeling a little creative, I have no idea where I pulled this from but it has to be made again. Very tasty!

Chunky omelet V2.0 — Bacon!

Now this is more like it! Starting to look like the chunky I had in mind.

Linguini with yellow and red peppers.

Nice and easy flavourful vegetarian dinner. Also very quick to prepare, just because you don’t have time doesn’t mean you have to give up flavour. Definitely one to keep and do again.

Matoke and ribbon veggies

You can’t go wrong with matoke but these ribbon veggies added something special. They look good and taste so delicious!

Crepes – the way he likes them!

The things love makes us do, even burning breakfast on purpose.

First spray

Ready, set, spray!!

Lamb ribs with potatoes and butternut

The oven is your friend. It can take over dinner while you rest.

Taro root breakfast

Simple healthy breakfast. Can prepare the arrow root ahead of time and just warm them in the morning.

Rum rasins

A case for drunken raisins. A little experimenting with some raisins and rum.


Crepes are great for breakfast, filling if you have enough of them. It’s a nice change from the usual bread every once in a while. But they do take a while to make if you have a big family so I would recommend them for a weekend breakfast when you have the time and breakfast is served leisurely.

Easy fruit salad

No fuss fruit salad! Just use what you’ve got, don’t overthink it.

Chunky omelet V1.5 — Tomatoes & green peppers

This was a very lazy attempt at chunky, I guess I was not in the mood to cut up a lot of stuff. So, just green peppers and tomatoes.

Triple layer cake with cream cheese filling: part 2

I don’t know if I’m ever going to bake that much in one go again but he sure did enjoy having a week of cake with his morning tea, and three to pick from at that!

Triple layer cake with cream cheese filling: part 1

Next time I plan something like this I’ll se sure to start much earlier in the day. It was a lot of work way into the night but well worth it. We shared some with friends and they really enjoyed it.