Chapos round 2!

I am getting wiser on this. Thank God for friends who cook! (^_^)

After my chapo post, several friends shared their knowledge on how to get them done right.

1. Get the layes right.
Chapos are supposed to have nice layers. This is how you get the best layers: roll out enough dough for one chapo. Spread oil on it and roll it up into a tube (like rolling up a carpet), then coil it and stick the tail in the middle so it holds. place it aside for a minute or two then roll back to cook.

the look so nice all rolled up!

2. Need a good container to put them in.
So I went out and purchased something with cover. This helps to keep them fron drying out and turning into crisps! Apparently they lose a lot of moisture if they’re out in the open.


I served this round of chapos with beans and left over plantain.

Husband Rating: ★★★★★★★★½☆
chapos are much nicer this time, softer

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2 thoughts on “Chapos round 2!

  1. Next time, get some liver, a little, vegetable oil, add spices and herbs of choice.
    Put in the chopped liver, pan-fry. And 5 minutes before done, put in a mix of chopped onions, tomatoes, green pepper and stir-fry for 5 minutes.

    Serve. To be eaten with fingers with chapos. 😀


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