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Starting the year with nyama choma

When a goat goes down in shagz…

Rosemary morning!

Have I told you these drop scones are famous? I mean specifically the ones my Mother-in-law makes, I have met several people that just tell me they remember the scones from their breakfast visits with her, it’s amazing. We did a little experiment with them on this morning, check it out…

Drop scones

There are so many different kinds of scones! These I had never seen before till I had breakfast with my mother in law, check them out…

Pineapple, cinnamon and grapes

I made this with Mel the day before we left to go upcountry for Christmas. We had dinner at her place. I had a peeled pineapple in my fridge that I hadn’t planned to take with me but couldn’t leave behind because it would spoil, so I took it to her place for dessert.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday dinner 3: Tomato and mozzarella salad

If you like cheese, you will love this! I have had this countless times in restaurants. It was about time I made it it at home…

Tuesday dinner 2: Potato salad and comfrey

Have you ever mixed in different roots for your potato salad? Try it, it’s very nice, especially with sweet poatatoes.

Tuesday dinner 1: Carrot, zucchini and sultana nut cake!

Carrot what?!!

I know, I know! Sounds crazy. But it’s an experiment, so it has to sound crazy (^_^)

Rocky raisin almond cookies!

This is the name my husband gave them. I would have just called them rocks! Ha!

Rolex for breakfast

Have you ever tried a rolex? It’s such a brilliant idea, check it out…

Chapos and lamb stew

Getting better at making the chapatis now, thought I’d experiment a little bit…

Oatmeal raisin cookies

This is the first time I’m making cookies since I was in high school! There’s a recipe my mother has that was super easy (no, this is not that one), I would prepare the dough and store it in the fridge, then roll it out in portions every morning to make a fresh batch for snacktime for me and my siblings. But that was a long time ago…

Cake for the Maasai Morans

I was so glad when he asked me to bake the cake. He could have just bought one somewhere, but he asked me to make one.

The case of bad cheese

Yes, I bought some bad cheese, but even worse is when it goes bad in your own fridge. Thankfully, my mother showed me how to keep that from happening…

Tagliatelle and meatballs

Leftovers are great! And they often taste better too.

Meatball sandwich

The first time I had a meatball sandwich was in 2003! Yes, I remember, because it was that good. To this day I remember the taste. Here is my go at it…

Spicy tea / chai

This tea, on a cold day, with a blanket on your favourite spot on the sofa \(^_^)/

Egg safety

Just a quick note. I’ve seen my mother do this and I’ve heard chefs recommend it.

Lasagna — nearly a disaster!

Form that photo you can probably guess what happened. Not the results you hope for when you’re hosting guests but in the end we all had a good chuckle.

Cake sandwich with chocolate icing!

There’s nothing like a celebration to inspire creativity…

Lemon pepper chicken with rice and spinach

Oven cooking is great if you want to have a relaxing evening. Only thing is depending on what you’re making, you may have to plan ahead a little bit. It’s always worth it though…

Basil and tomato scramble

Some herbs are really yummy in eggs, like basil for example…

Yummies from Mama!

I love it when my Mother brings stuff over… more specifically, edibles!

Pineapple, mango and pawpaw juice

Something fresh! A great companion for breakfast.

Steamed tilapia, sweet peas and sweetcorn on white rice, topped with star anise white sauce

It’s a funny looking experiment but I assure you it’s worth the trouble. Ignore what it looks like, think about the mix of flavours (^_^)

Raisin scones

Of course it had to happen! There was no way I was going to get away with making scones without raisins again (^_^)

Fried liver with baked sweet potatoes and pumpkin leaves

It sounds like an odd combination but it is pleasantly quite the happy burst of flavour. You absolutely should try it.

Carrot and onion omelette

There are flavours that we all remember from our mother’s kitchen from when we were growing up, you know the ones… when you remember them they make you want to run to your mother and hug her. This is one of them for me.

Mango and pawpaw whip

If you tend to buy lots of pawpaws and mangoes like me this is a great way to use them up if they ripen all at the same time. Give your family or guests a treat (^_^)

What is blanching?

Blanching (as a cooking term) sounds like something very sensitive one could mess up while baking or something, but it’s just a fancy word for something very simple.

Rice+peas, tilapia, caramelised onions, pumpkin leaves+comfrey

I couldn’t come up with what to call this so I just listed everything in the heading (^_^)

Easy scones

I’ve been wanting to make scones for while now so I’ve looked at many recipes online. I wanted them for breakfast so the preparation and cooking time had to be supper short.…

Chapos with ndengu and matumbo

So, I made way too much ndengu the other day (^_^) The good news is half of this meal is ready!

Stewed taro root/magimbi/nduma/arrow root

Just plain wonderful and easy to make. I would say this is one of the effortless flavourful sides that I make in my kitchen. It just comes together nicely. The taro root has such a wonderful flavour of it’s own, stewing it like this simply enhances it. Try it out…

Rice and ndengu

I didn’t grow up eating ndengu (green grams), at least not that I remember. My mother didn’t cook them. I think mostly because she didn’t grow up eating them herself.

I also like to cook the things I remember eating in my mother’s house. Potatoes, nduma, sweet potatoes, matoke, rice, beans, plantain, chicken, beef, goat and the usual vegetables like spinach, mchicha, pumpkin leaves, green-beans, cabbage, etc. Oh! and ugali, how could I forget ugali! The list goes on and on!

Marinade – Lemon pepper chicken

A marinade from a friend (^_^) — some of the great things friends are for, sharing recipes. I Just marinate the chicken in this post so read on to get the ingredients, I’ll make another post once I cook the chicken.

Cheese omelette

For when you want something cheesy in the morning…

Honey roasted lamb with cassava

I’ve tried adding honey several times but this is the first time it come out right. The sweet notes were just right. Try it out…

Spicy rice with raisins

All it takes is a little imagination and your plain old rice can be something special! Try this out…

Mama’s chicken stew

I learned this from my Mother a very long time ago. It’s very simple, has nothing fancy but it’s very tasty.