Chapos and lamb stew

Thought it was about time I made chapos again. I need to keep practicing. The plan was to make them once a week but I haven’t included them in my meal plans for the last few weeks.

I tried something different this time, I added 1 teaspoon of ground cardamom to the water I used for the chapos.

dough ready to roll out

Then there’s the lamb stew.

It didn’t start out as stew, it was supposed to be fried lamb (dry-ish) with some vegetables on the side. I started with garlic and onions.

onions and garlic

And then I found myself slicing tomatoes. I was in a hurry, got into my usual stew routine. Oh well!

I was also very late starting this dinner so once the lamb became a stew I ditched the veggies.

chunky tomatoes

I like to boil meat before I stew or pan fry it. Makes it softer. I was in a hurry so I put the lamb in the pressure cooker before I started the chapos.

just pulled out f the pressure cooker, nice and soft

Boiling the meat is also how I get my stocks. I save the water in small containers in the fridge or freezer depending on how quickly they’ll get used. I pull them out as I need them for soups, stews or sauces.

tomatoes are ready
lamb in, stirred
chapos are done

Husband Rating: ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆

It was an OK meal. Tasted good.

I liked the cardamom in the chapos, but it was very light, I don’t even think my husband noticed. I’ll probably put more in there next time.


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