Rolex for breakfast

Hubby helped with breakfast ! Yaaay!

It was nice to stand back and take the photos (^_^)

He was going to make tea to have with chapos, again! I suggested he make an omelet, it was the perfect opportunity to try a rolex.

chopping onions

He made a simple onion and tomato omelet.

But he wasn’t feeling the rolex idea. He said he would have his omelet separate from the chapo (-_-) 

onions in the pan
chopping tomatoes
sizzle, sizzle
beating the eggs
into the pan
turn the fire down

After he put the eggs in the pan he asked me to watch the omelet while he cleared the dishes in the sink.

washing the pots

I covered it so it would cook evently


Served his omelet separate like he wanted, then I made my rolex

rolex step 1
rolex step 2

Guess who asked for a bite,…

Rolex idea
Rating: ★★★★★★★½☆☆

…and then he wanted another one!!!

It was very tasty.

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7 thoughts on “Rolex for breakfast

  1. LOL, started out thinking the Rolex must be a slid-off watch in a meal 🙂
    Liking this idea and your name for it ……

  2. Chapati ng’ombe used to be a favourite when Mavuno was meeting at the South C Sports Club, too bad it’s not on offer any more. Basically, you have some tasty beef in some sauce and chapati to wrap it. Yum!

    1. Just checked out your link. I can just imagine the possibilities,…
      Adding this to my list of things to try early next year.
      Thank you!


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