Basil and tomato scramble

I was actually going to do the tomato and parsley omelet again. When I went to the balcony to cut some fresh parsley I decided to to trim back the mint and basil. While chopping off the flowery ends on the basil I accidentally cut one too low. Rather than throw away the leaves I used them instead of the parley.

the basil leaves, washed

I fried a small sliced onion with one chopped tomato in the pan with some oil. While that was cooking I beat three eggs and mixed in the chopped basil.  

chopped basil in the beaten egg

When the tomatoes were ready I added the egg mix to the pan, let it start cooking for a few seconds, then I just felt like scrambling it- so I did!

tomatoes ready
scramble scramble

It smells really good. The aroma of the tomatoes with the onions mixed with the basil, just awesome.

not toast

I really wanted to serve it on buttered toast, but KP (no LC) was at it again! Oh well! Maybe next time. I made sandwiches instead (^_^)


Husband Rating: ★★★★★★★★½☆

Wow! I really liked that basil in the egg. Gave it a very hearty flavour.

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