Mango and pawpaw whip

I went grocery shopping on Saturday, I had so many things scheduled in my day that I didn’t get home till late. When I unpacked all the groceries I found that some of the pawpaws had been pressed in and mashed. Not too badly, but we’d have to eat them quickly.

the dented pawpaws

I immediately remembered the pawpaw whip my Mother used to make. She still makes it actually. But not as frequently as she did when all her kids were still at home. It’s very simple, just blend some pawpaw with mala (curdled milk/plain yogurt). I’ve decided to add mango to the mix.

This could probably be done with any meaty fruit as long they’re well ripened or sweet and no too acidic, like bananas for example.

mangos at the bottom, pawpaw ontop

I cut up two small mangoes and one medium sized pawpaw. Blended. Then added half a cup of mala. Blend again. When it’s well mixed it’s done.

mala added to the blended fruit

He refused to have any (-_-) He tried a teaspoon of it and said tasted good but he didn’t like the texture.

ready to go!

We were having lunch that day with his Mother and siblings, I carried it along and it was well received (^_^)

last serving!



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3 thoughts on “Mango and pawpaw whip

  1. You could try using frozen fruit. You blend the fruit while it is still frozen, so you get more of a smoothie/sorbet kind of consistency, then add the yorghurt. I guess when it’s frozen there are still chunks, making the texture manageable for people who don’t like overly soft fruit. You serve while still solid before it all melts.


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