Carrot and onion omelette

If you ever get tired of the usual tomatoes and peppers in your omelet, this is a good one to try. It’s actually what I made for our first breakfast together in our apartment after we got married (^_^)

chopped onions in the pan
add grated carrots

First, cook the carrots and onions until they caramelise, add salt (to taste) then set them aside.

starting to get some colour

Keep the fire medium to low and stir often. You want them to brown, but not burn or blacken.

looking good
set aside

Beat the eggs with some salt, put a little bit of oil in the pan and heat it up. When it’s hot enough (not smoking hot), pour in the egg.

eggs cooking

Pull the sides back as it hardens to let the raw egg slip onto the pan to cook until what is left is not runny. Spread the caramelized carrots and onions on one side of the egg and fold the other half on top.

this is a half fold, can also do a jacket fold if you prefer

Let it cook for a little while then turn it over. Cook until it’s done and there’s no uncooked egg on the inside.

turn over

Then serve it with sweet potatoes (just boiled).

served with sweet potatoes

Husband Rating: ★★★★★★★★½☆
hmm hmm!

I didn’t have enough sweet potatoes for both of us so I had mine with left over Stewed Nduma. It was great with that too.

I had mine with leftover Stewed Nduma


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