Fried liver with baked sweet potatoes and pumpkin leaves

I had a plan for this liver. I was going to marinate it in spices, put it on skewers with peppers and onions and then roast it in the oven. But I haven’t found the skewers yet and it’s been in the freezer long enough.


The pumpkin leaves were blanched and frozen.

pumpkin leaves defrosting

Pulled them out to defrost this morning. I cooked them in onions and tomatoes. Wanted them to be a bit soupy since the liver and sweet potatoes would be dry.

two small diced onions in the pot with some oil
3 tomatoes sliced
in with the onions
add the pumpkin leaves

If starting with a fresh batch of pumpkin leaves, you can wash cut and blanch first or wash cut and add to the onions will they soften then add the tomatoes. Salt to taste.

stir and cover for a simmer

Sweet potatoes are great when baked.

cut, washed and ready

I cut them into wedges, put them in a foiled baking pan and sprinkled sea salt, pepper, paprika, a couple of bay leaves and nutmeg. Then added some cooking oil and two tablespoons of honey.

cut into wedges and put in foiled pan
mix till all wegdes are well covered, use hands

Cover with foil. Put in the oven at 180Β°C for an hour.

Liver defrosts very fast, there’s no need to let it sit out all day. Just put it in room temperature water and replace the water every 10 or 15 minutes and it will be done in an hour or so.

liver defrosting in water

Slice 3 onions and start frying them in some oil. Keep the fire low and cover.

onions in the pan
frying in medium to low heat

Grate 4 garlic gloves and set aside

grated garlic set aside

When the onions start browning add 2 sliced tomatoes and a heaping spoon of curry powder (or to taste). Stir and cover.

add 2 sliced tomatoes
and curry powder

While the onions are cooking cut the liver to bite size pieces.

use shears

I’ve been using poultry shears to cut liver (^_^) I find it’s hard to hold it in place in order to cut with a knife

liver and garlic

Mix the liver with the grated garlic. There isn’t enough time to let it marinate. If I was still doing the skewers I would have added some spices and let it sit for a while.

tomatoes are ready

The tomatoes in the pan should have softened by now. Add the liver, stir and cover. Continue to stir once in a while till the liver is cooked.

add the liver and stir
almost ready!

OK. Back to the oven. When the hour is done, uncover the potatoes and switch the oven to grill mode (if you have it) to brown them a little. If you don’t have grill mode just leave them in there, uncovered.

uncovered in the oven

I waited about 10 minutes and they still hadn’t browned at all. They’re cooked already so they’re be fine. I just wanted them to be a bit crispy around the edges but it’s not necessary.


Husband Rating: ★★★★★★★★★☆
yummy yum yum!


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