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Baked chicken in lemon and honey marinade

How many ways can one make a lemony chicken before getting the lemony chicken one os looking for? It doesn’t matter when one likes to eat chicken!

Raisin pancakes

This was inspired by a post I saw on another food blog. Some good local food blogs coming up (^_^)

Fried matoke, garlic in kachumbari + more

What do you do with your matoke when you forget about it and it’s start ripening? Well, I fried and baked mine, see how it turned out…

Chicken in lemon and honey marinade

Yessssss! That lemon flavour came through just like I wanted it to.

Buttered toast with carrot and onion omelet

Rewind! Yes,… I’ve done this before.

Tamarind chicken

Looking for something that packs a punch flavour goodness to put in your chicken, or anything else for that matter? Try tamarind!

Githeri with chapos

I love the simplicity of this dish.

Chilli and cheese omelet

How about a little heat in your omelette?

Risotto from leftovers

Risotto is usually rice cooked in a stock with several ingredients. Every time I do something like that I tend to burn though, so i think this is a great workaround…

Tilapia Strips, chips and a dip

When I eat chips in restaurants (out of a personal choice) I ask for mushroom sauce or guacamole to use in place of ketchup or tomato sauce. When they don’t have either, I have them plain, which is also what happens at home. I made this dip for the fish but it was nice on the chips too…

El’s avocado omelette

Thank you El, this was awesome! Another great one from the audience…

Lemony chicken strips and pasta

Sometimes experimenting pays, other times it doesn’t. Either way, you learn something.

Avocado seeds

The quest for great avocados begins!

Egg and avocado mix

This is absolutely delicious. the photos don’t do it justice — I need to get better behind the camera so y’all can see what I see as I see it! (0_0)

Cardamon and garlic chapatis

I know someone that eats chapati with her meals everyday, wow! If you’re thinking it can get boring and take the excitement out of enjoying the occasional chapati, then you are wrong. Chapatis are very versatile, here’s a couple of ways to enjoy them.

Chapati wraps — liver!

Chapati wraps are awesome! If you haven’t tried one yet, here’s one way you could get started…

French toast with avocado

Yet another way to eat avocado (^_^)

Curry-ish chicken stewed with beetroot

Hooray to suggestions from the audience! Thank you Emily, this was awesome!

My favourite again!

Yes, it’s liver, ugali and veggies!

Spaghetti and leftovers

What do you do when it’s 8pm, you’ve just walked in the house and hubby is so hungry he can’t wait 2 hours for you to make a fresh meal? Hopefully, you’ll have some leftovers you can just refresh (^_^)

Beef strips, lavender potatoes and easy veggies

The herb garden battle forges on! Thank fully I still have plenty I can use.

Wanjiru’s Bruschetta

I truly enjoy receiving mail from all of you, it is such an honour to have you over here on my blog. Thanks so much for indulging me as I invite you into my kitchen. This time I was pleasantly surprised with a recipe in an email from my friend Wanjiru, and I’ve finally made it…

Beetroot, carrot and pair salad with honey and lemon dressing

The rainy season has finally begun! I’m so happy! (^_^)

Cumin and cardamom beans

Beans! My favourite non meat protein.

Mango whip

Or home made flavoured yoghurt if you like,…

Broccoli and mushrooms

Oh! That was such a nice long weekend! I didn’t get much rest but it was fun. This dish was one of those use what you have moments, and it turned out really well, check it out!

Cake, fruit and ice-cream: the all in one dessert!

I wanted to make this several weeks ago, but I kept forgetting to get a pineapple for it. When I did remember to get one there weren’t any good ones, or they were over priced! The pineapple I bought for 70/- last year is 120/- in the market today. Just wrong!

Moving on swiftly,…

Red snapper on a bed of mashed sweet potatoes and spinach

Have you every tried sweet mashed potatoes?

Cabbage cooked with eggplant

It wasn’t really the plan but I had to do something to save the eggplant or I would have had to throw it out (^_^)

Chapos with minced beef stew and kachumbari

For when you’re craving something delicious that reminds you of good home cooking…

Home made “maziwa ya mgando”

AKA maziwa lala (^_^)

Chapos, liver stew and mukimo

One of my neighbours went to shags to visit her mother and came back with lots of mukimo. She shared some with me (^_^)

Red snapper baked on a bed of tomatoes and onions

It’s snappy! Just a few minutes in the oven and you get deliciousness (^_^)

Carrot and butternut soup | Part 2

You know where it says “I will make him a helper…” (Genesis 2:18)

Hold that thought, before you start quoting from Beijing 1995, hear me out…

Carrot and butternut soup | Part 1

Yummy creamy soup and new beginnings! All is fair in love and war,… or something like that. Do read on (^_^)

Baked chicken with fried nduma

This nduma recipe is awesome! A must try…

Ugali and Sukuma

I mixed the sukuma with spinach, palak spinach to be exact, it was nice.

Sand in the salt!

Why oh why! — But I thank God for my Father.

Capellini with spinach and bacon

I know, sounds odd. It tasted OK. I’ll probably make it again.

Plantain for breakfast

Yes! They were there so why not? It does sound strange though.