Lemony chicken strips and pasta

I’ve had this idea to make a chapati wrap with chicken strips, a shredded kind of light salad and a bit of rice. Or maybe with risotto and guacamole? Well, before I even try, I want to get the lemony chicken stript right.

This is my first attempt. I probably could have looked this up, and I’ve made something lemony before, but I think it’s more fun to come up with something on my own (^_^)

If this doesn’t work by the third try I’ll look something up.

chicken strips marinating

So I marinated the chicken in: Juice of two limes, zest/grates of one lime, salt

Nothing fancy, thought it was a good idea to start simple and build up the flavours in the next round (^_^)   

while the chicken was marinating I started on the pasta
grate three cloves of garlic and chop some chilli. This is the first time I’m using fresh chilli pepper, wasn’t sure how much to put in, wanted it to be very mild so I used very little
after 20 minutes of marinating, strips go in the pan with a bit of oil
done. With a pit of colour
add 3 table spoons of oil to the pan, then the cut chilli and grated garlic
then I added a 1 chopped tomato and the same amount in chopped eggplant. I added the eggplant to help thicken the sauce a bit
while tomatoes and eggplant are cooking, chop up some dhania for topping
if it dries up too much add a couple of tablespoons of water
when the tomatoes are softened add 2 tablespoons of cream (by the way, you can skip this part, I like cream, a lot! But it’s really not necessary here)
mix in the chicken, let it sizzle for a minute
then serve on spaghetti and a sprinkle of fresh dhania on top

Husband Rating: ★★★★★★★★☆☆
I could taste the lemon, salt was too much though. 

Ooops! I put too much salt (-_-)

It was lemony,… but not exactly what I was looking for. It wasn’t savoury, just lemony. I think I’ll add a herb on the next try, and make the garlic a part of the marinade. The chicken breast meat was also a bit dry.

Any thoughts on how to tenderise chicken breast? Or at least a way to avoid it getting dry?

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