Avocado seeds

The avocado’s I’ve been enjoying the last 2 weeks came from my uncles farm. My mother went home for a while and when she returned she brought me 15 of them. They are the yummiest avocados I’ve tasted in a while.

The thing about avocados is they tend to ripen at around the same time, so when you have too many, no matter how good they are, you just have to share (^_^)

I gave one each to three of my neighbours and left a bunch at the office for them to enjoy.

seeds in water at the kitchen window

Nice avocados are not always easy to come by. When I go to the market, sometimes they’re good, other times they’re not. The worst is when on the outside they seem perfect but when you cut, the flesh is already rotting (-_-)

Then it occurred to me that I could just plant one of these seeds and grow my own avocado tree! I quickly got on google and did some reading on how to germinate the seeds.   

I hope the the fruits they produce will be as tasty as the ones they came from

I discovered that they need both water and oxygen to germinate. So most guys suggested sticking the pit with toothpicks to suspend over water until they sprout, and then plant then. I went on reading and learned that those plants tend to be weaker, so it’s better to germinate them directly in the soil (pot/ground).

Then I remembered learning from my Father that the fruit produced from the plant of a seed you plant will not be the same as the fruit you ate to get the seed! To get the exact same fruit, I would need to do grafting. I found this link, it confirmed it. The fruit will be about the same! Plus it will be at least 10 years before I get the first fruits from these trees!

I decided to continue anyway,… in 10 years I can enjoy them with my kids, right? (^_^)

these I rescued from the trash at the office

I even went through the trash can in the office kitchen to rescue the seeds, I must have looked like a mad woman! But I figured they will not all survive, and if they do, not all will produce the supper yummy avocados. So I’m planting them all!

I’ve put them in water for now just so they dont dry out. I want to send them to shagz to be planted directly in the ground. In fact, I better make arrangements for that soon or they’ll all start germinating and become complicated to transport.

So my garden is growing. Herbs in pots and now avocados. We need to move out of this apartment to a place with some garden, so I can plant some vegetables! (^_^)

What would you grow if you had a garden?

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6 thoughts on “Avocado seeds

  1. tomatoes and all sorts of herbs and my own spinach and sukuma wiki to avoid paranoia abt skuma grown in sewage that is the one thing i cant bring myself to buy from the mkt

  2. I have planted celery, spring onions, spinach and pumkin and chilies, earlier had even beet root, carrot, dhania, capsicum but so lazy now. Smh. Oh not forgetting some strawberries we got as a gift in seedling form and they are doing very well, and usual herbs my husband planted for me, thyme, basil, lavender and mint. I had rosemary but it was uprooted when we extended our verandah. Boy I need to get back to gardening seriously.


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