Githeri with chapos

This is my first githeri! I’ve eaten it numerous times before but I’ve never made it.

I asked some friends how to make it, one put it this way: “It’s one of those dishes that even chefs easily mess up because they’re used to complicated fancy combinations and can’t resist the urge to add something! Onions, tomatoes, beans and maize. Keep it simple!”


I couldn’t resist. I made mine with a bit of garlic (^_^) But I don’t think it changed the dish much.

the maize cooking while I prep ingredients for the githeri
4 grated garlic cloves, 2 onions chopped and 2 chopped tomatoes
garlic and onions in the pan with a bit of oil, stir
once the onions soften add the pre-cooked beans and maize
add the chopped tomatoes, cover and let simmer for about ten minutes. Then add salt to taste and let it simmer another five minutes
rolled chapos ready to cook, I’ve gotten so much better at making them!

Husband Rating: ★★★★★★★★½☆
Do these chapos have garlic?

“No! But the githeri does.”

Why didn’t you put any in the chapos? The garlic ones are better!”

“Would have taken too long to make them, we’d be eating really late!”

You know githeri is served alone, not with chapos,…

“I thought they would go well together.”

[after a couple of bites] Hmmm, this is nice! Umetoboa!


I guess He really liked those garlic chapos!


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2 thoughts on “Githeri with chapos

  1. Nice, I am yet to cook githeri, I’m not in a hurry though, hubby ain’t a fan.
    One tip though you could try boiling the maize and beans together, gives the maize the rich colour just like that githeri cooked by our cucus.
    Next time I’m making chapos, I must try the garlic ones.

    1. Thanks for the tip Gituiri!
      I usually pre-cook beans and keep in bags in the freezer, makes life much easier! I’ll keep that in mind for next batch of beans. (^_^)


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