Chilli and cheese omelet

I’ve been MIA for a week and a half — three day weekends have a way of putting me in vacation mode even before they start! We took a break from the traffic infused arteries of Nairobi and went to shagz. That was nice (^_^)

We’re back, and this post is a lovely omelet I made last week before the long weekend.

cheesy goodness with a kick!

If you like cheese and a little heat in your food from time to time, you’ll love this! I did. The idea was inspired by El’s avocado omelet. I never would have thought to put chilli in eggs before I tried it.

onions in the pan
add one chopped tomato to the pan
add half a chopped chilli pepper to the pan, seed and core removed
when the tomatoes soften, add 3 salted beaten eggs to the pan, reduce heat to low
prepare the grated cheese
when egg is ready for folding, add the cheese to one side, then fold and continue to cook till well done
serve on on dry toast or as sandwich

Husband  Rating: ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆

Don’t mind him –  go ahead and try it! (^_^)

Have you tried anything unusual in your omelette lately?

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