Cardamon and garlic chapatis

I think I’ve finally acquired some chapo making skills. The layers are coming out nicely thanks to the tip I got from my Mother-in-law over Christmas vacation last year.

I’ve gotten way better at controlling quantities when preparing the dough and they’re no longer tasteless because of too little salt. Needless to say, my husband is very happy (^_^)

cardamon powder

I’m faster at rolling them out, and better at making the dough so it’s not sticky. I have come a long way. The first chapos I made were like crisps! (^_^) I remember one of my neighbours stopped by to say hello that night, I answered the door with flour all over my hands and apron. She kept me company in the kitchen for a while. There was sticky dough all over the place in there.

When she was leaving, I asked her if she wanted any chapos to take with her; she was so gracious, she took a couple. When I look at those old photos of the pile of crispy dough I can only imagine what was going through her mind.

I was meeting with friends for a potluck lunch a week ago, I made chapos for my contribution. I think that’s the most chapos I’ve rolled out for a single meal. Half way through I decided to experiment. I’ve tasted some chapos made with grated carrot in then and they were very nice. I tried cardamon powder and garlic.   

when rolling out for the layers, I sprinkled the cardamon powder before the folding
then roll for the layers
for the garlic ones I grated the garlic first
spread in small bits as evenly as possible
waiting to be rolled out for cooking

It was a tight day for me. I double booked with another event that I just couldn’t miss, so I sent my husband ahead with the chapo and I would join them a bit late. I had planned to take the final photo when I arrived, on a plate with all the other food — I didn’t get that chance!

The garlic chapos were a hit!’ I was told later. They were the first to go.

Husband Rating: ★★★★★★★★★☆

The cardamon ones were OK. Some said they would prefer them with afternoon tea rather than with a meal, and others said they reminded them of mahamri/mandazi, but they’re not, so it wasn’t exciting. My husband didn’t taste the cardamon ones at all so I didn’t get a rating (-_-)

I think next time I’ll try rosemary or coconut flakes.

As far as my skills go, I still have one thing to work on: once in a while the chapos are little dry and flaky. I’ve been told it may be because I’ve used too little oil.

So, have you ever experimented with chapos? What did you do?
Or what would you add to your chapos to make them different?

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6 thoughts on “Cardamon and garlic chapatis

  1. i once tried to make them with butter nut where you boil them until tender,blend or use a sieve to get the butter nut paste and use it instead of water. you should try it 🙂

  2. I remember our help once made some and they were sooo dry and hard so i asked ” haiya hizi ni zile bread za Jesus?” needless to say she was not amused…….


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