Chapati wraps — liver!

The rolex idea has got me thinking about what else I could wrap in a chapo.

I did this a while ago with some leftovers, thought it was time to revisit the idea more intently. I made fresh chapos and rolled them out bigger than usual so it would be easy to wrap.

rolling them out, I made them extra large

I had some rice and beans left over from the night before, so I decided to try something burrito-like, with kachumbari and liver.   

cooking on medium heat, working hard to pay attention as I roll the next one so I don’t burn the one in the pan
I chopped 2 onions and soaked in warm salty water for the kachumabi before I started the chapos, after chopping the tomatoes I realised I didn’t have any lemon or dhania! What to do?
fried the liver, just plain with a bit of salt
done! set aside.
I asked a neighbour but she didn’t have lemon or dhania either! I tried the kiosks in my neighbourhood and they were out! It just wasn’t meat to be! I went ahead with the onions and tomatoes, I added salt, pepper and two tablespoons of white vinegar
mixed and warmed up the rice and beans
serving: chapo first, then rice and beans, onions and tomatoes
some pieces of liver
then roll it up! He made two for himself
hmm hmm!
rolling number two
yum! they were very filling

Husband Rating: ★★★★★★★★☆☆

I had mine with avocado. Yes! the same avocado was still around! I over filled it a bit as you can see (^_^) so I just had one

I will warn you though, if you don’t like the taste or smell of liver as it is, you may want to fry it in some onions. Or marinate it in something (^_^)

This could be a really nice way to finish up little bits of leftovers. Make chapos and wrap them up like burritos!

What leftovers would you like to try wrapping in a chapo?

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