Buttered toast with carrot and onion omelet

I had a funny feeling I had done this one before! (^_^)

I looked through my archives and found this post from november last year.

start with onions and carrots as the other one

This is slightly different though, I didn’t do the jacket thing,…   

once they caramelise spread evenly on the pan and add the beaten salted eggs as evenly as possible as well. Then cover and cook on the lowest heat. Check on it, when it’s solid enough, turn it to cook the other side
butter some slices of bread and put in a toaster or oven, toast to desired crispiness


Husband Rating: ★★★★★★★★☆☆

There is one I make like this with grated zucchini in addition to the carrot — yummy stuff. I suggest adding grated garlic as well, one clove, would add a nice kick to the flavour.


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