Fried matoke, garlic in kachumbari + more

My mother in law came from shagz a week ago, she brought a lot of food as usual. Joy! (^_^)

I was so busy all week though. Didn’t pick it up till this last friday. Matoke, road runner chicken, home made wimbi mix for uji, bananas. Unfortunately I waited too long, by the time I picked them up on saturday the matoke was already ripening.

the ripening matoke

So what do I do with ripening matoke? I wasn’t sure, especially because hubby doesn’t even like to eat matoke. I remembered seeing my mother cut up some plantain into discs and frying them. Plantain tends to hold it’s shape much better though, these would wilt, but I tried it anyway.    

While the first batch was frying it occurred to me that I could bake them in the oven too. So I put the remaining pieces in a foiled pan, sprinkled with salt and put in the oven.

Wanted to try something different with the kachumbari, added garlic and basil.

2 tomatoes sliced, 2 onions sliced (and soaked in warm salty water for 30 min), 2 chopped garlic cloves, some chopped basil leaves and a dash of salt
the fried matoke is ready,… soft on the inside, crunchy on the outside. They were sweet, sprinkled with salt but they didn’t need it.
I wanted some avocato in the kachumbari but it doesn’t keep well when avocado is mixed in. I made enough for two days. So I chopped the avocado, …
… mixed it with lemon juice and set it aside
the baked matoke slices. They tasted good, but did not look so good. They didn’t dry enough, they were still soggy. I was hopping they would dry and become a bit brittle.

The serve was such a hodgepodge! (^_^)

Leftover mbuzi choma, ugali, the fried matoke (he was not interested in the baked ones at all), kachumbari and avocado on the side and I made a bit of sukuma (collard greens, fried in onions and tomatoes).



Husband Rating: ★★★★★★★★★½

He surprises me with what he likes sometimes. When I looked at the combination  and the plate I thought ‘yikes! who came up with this?!’ He was excited about the mbuzi, but then again, which guy isn’t? He went for a second plate, and a third! On the third round it was just the fried matoke — yeah! He liked them that much!

There is one combination I like that he finds odd, he just shakes his head at me every time — rice, beans, avocado and sweet banana — which I think is less odd compared to this meal!

What odd combinations do you like?

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2 thoughts on “Fried matoke, garlic in kachumbari + more

  1. i have some ripened matoke at home! can’t wait for evening after work to go try this!!!!!!
    Thanx for the tip!


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