Cabbage cooked with eggplant

I bought some eggplant a while ago and it was starting to wrinkle in my fridge. I still didn’t have a plan for them so I used two of the most wrinkled in this cabbage which I made to go with ugali. I’ve never seen this done anywhere else. It sounded good in my head and didn’t turn out too badly either.

two sliced onions and 3 grated garlic cloves

I normally don’t put garlic in cabbage, it doesn’t need it. But my instincts said fry the eggplant in garlic! So I did.   

in the pot with some cooking oil
the eggplant, I used two
peeled and sliced to slender pieces
add to the pot when the onions soften
add one grated carrot
chop the cabbage and rince in hot water
drain and add to the pot
add two chopped tomatoes
nice colours

Husband Rating: ★★★★★★½☆☆☆


I had mine with avocado on the side

I liked it a lot. Especially with the avocado. A little bit of the bitterness in the eggplant  came through but it wasn’t bad. My husband is on a meat kick! Every time I’ve made a meal without meat for the last 3 weeks he has protested. I keep telling him it’s not a good idea to eat meat everyday. Sometimes I make the cabbage with meat or just plain. The meat ones always taste better of course (^_^) How do you like your cabbage?

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2 thoughts on “Cabbage cooked with eggplant

  1. you should maybe try and cook the soya meat for him. its healthy and kinda tastes meaty 🙂 am not a a fan of the eggplant but will try make it who knows..

  2. you can salt the eggplant before cooking it to reduce the bitterness- only remember to rinse before you cook it so that you don’t have too much salt in the food 🙂


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