Baked chicken with fried nduma

That baked chicken we had a little while back was really good. I did it again. Served it with ndumas fried in onions. The onions add a surprisingly nice flavour to the ndumas. I got the idea from Mama. She mentioned sometime last year that she had eaten something like it at a hotel or restaurant while on a break in Mombasa.

the ndumas, washed, cut, ready to boil

The ndumas need to be cooked first so there they are ready to go.

I decided to cook the chicken whole and stuff it with lemons before putting it in the oven. I didn’t remember that I had skinned the chicken when I first bought it before freezing it. I do that when I want to stew, I don’t like stewing with the skin. If you bake chicken it is better to leave the skin on.   

onions, garlic and salt in the pot
chicken on top, ad water, boil
while the chicken is cooking, I cut up the onions for frying with the ndumas
onions go in the oil first
add the cooked nduma when the onions soften, stir till he onions start to get some colour
but don’t stir to the point where the ndumas turn to mush! this is ready, can see the onions have some colour already.
ready to bake
baste with the stock, stuff with a lemon (wash the lemons very well first)
turned it over at one point. but realised it was a bit dry, probably because I removed the skin.
so I basted it one more time with the stock, pulled in the foil and closed it, then put it back in the oven to steam a bit
served with tomato salad

Husband Rating: ★★★★★★★★½☆

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