Carrot and butternut soup | Part 1

It has been over a week since I made my last post. I was taking a break from posting to help my husband put some “finishing touches” on documents for a business he started. I have been his personal assistant for about a week and a half. As expected we clashed several times. I kept telling him what to do — he didn’t like that very much. In the end I grew up, realised it wasn’t my business idea to begin with and I wouldn’t like it if he came into my kitchen and told me what to do! He could come and help though (^_^)

It was fun.

bread dough after rising for two hours

I made a couple of dishes before the break, this soup is one of them. I made it up. It was one of those days again when I was running low on this and that, didn’t have any meat in the freezer, just some leftovers. And he doesn’t always like leftovers.   

On the other hand, I had too many carrots for some reason, they had started to wilt too. And the butternut had been sitting in my kitchen for quite a while. I decided to stop by the market to get something to add to them so I could make a dish, thought I didn’t know what the dish would be at the time. While at the market it dawned on me that I could make soup! So I just purchased some broccoli and avocado to add colour.

separated to two loaves

I made the bread ahead of time so it would have cooled by the time the soup was served. I used the same artisan bread recipe as before, just halved it to make two loaves instead of four.

dusted and sliced
when you slice the top, you can make any pattern you want,…
ingredients for the soup. onions, carrots, butternut, ginger and stock
all peeled and chopped, I saved the butternut seeds,… still don’t know what to do with them
in the post at the same time
the stock wasn’t melting fast enough, I put it in anyway, it would melt faster in the pot with the ingredients on the fire
bread is ready
it’s sooo good! you can eat it alone

Cook the ingredients for the soup on medium to low fire. Watch closely, you don’t want it to dry and start burning at the bottom. If it does you’ll need to change  pots. Otherwise you’ll get the burnt taste in the soup. Add water if you need to but not too much. I used a cup and a half of stock and that was enough for the ingredients to cook in.

see next post this afternoon for conclusion (^_^)


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