Carrot and butternut soup | Part 2

I just wanted to say, I have a whole new perspective to the word “help,” and therefore “helper.” It’s a very selfless thing to do. You can’t have a motive of your own if you are going to do it right. It’s also not just doing and following instructions like working at an assembly line in a factory. That’s a job. I’m talking about help. And it can mean different things at different times but in my case, while helping my husband with his business in the last week, it meant applying my skills for his benefit, selflessly!

ingredients cooked

Sounds easy. It’s not easy. I really had to listen intentionally to understand what he needed help with. I started by telling him what I think he should do instead — not help. Plus I was off. Help doesn’t always mean suggesting a new direction.

OK. Back to the soup.

You don’t have to wait till all the liquid dries. Once the carrots and butternut are cooked you can take the pot off the fire. They don’t take very long.  

add a splash of nutmeg, some cardamon seeds (opened up about three pods), black pepper and salt to taste
put back on the fire, add two tablespoons of cream and a small chunk of butter

You can add water at this point if it’s too thick for you. I personally like mine thick and creamy. If you do add water, taste for salt before serving. Keep the fire low. Once it’s hot enough or starts to bubble up, it’s ready to serve.

broccoli, cut and wash
blanch in hot water and some salt
served his with broccoli and leftover chicken

Husband Rating: ★★★★★★★★★☆

I had mine with broccoli and avocado


What do you like to make with your butternut?

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3 thoughts on “Carrot and butternut soup | Part 2

    1. LOL! Thanks Lydia!
      I’ve has do many people tell me they never want to see butternut ever again because they were forced to eat it when they were kids!

      Are you one of them?


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