Beetroot, carrot and pair salad with honey and lemon dressing

It was just too dry out there, and the heat was just too much. I was talking about it with my neighbour and we decided that when it started raining we would step outside into the rain and just bask in it. We had missed it that much.

the sky outside my kitchen window just before I started on the salad

This is my second attempt at this salad. My first try was such a disaster I couldn’t even post it (-_-)

First, I tried to slice the  the carrots, beet and pear by hand into long thin pieces but they weren’t thin enough. Then the dressing was completely off, had way too much olive oil in it. Tried to balance it with some herbs and spices and it only got worse.   

This time I’m wiser. I’ve simplified things. First, I’m making use of the grater, not stressing to cut thin slices. Second, I’ve simplified the dressing. No herbs and spices. Things tend to taste better when they’re simple.

the ingredients, a pear, a carrot, a beetroot, lemon and green pepper
peel and grate the carrot, using the large side of the grater, then set aside in a bowl
grate half the green pepper using the same side, add to the carrots in the bowl
the beetroot, washed and peeled
grate, also using the same side, the add to then green pepper and carrots in the bowl. I didn’t use the whole beet, it was too much. Used about 3/4
then the pear. But first the dressing. I didn’t want the pear to sit around waiting for the dressing because it would oxidise and turn brown.
in a container with a cover, squeeze abou 5 tablespoons of lemon juice, remove the seeds
add 4 teaspoons of honey
6 tablespoons of olive oil and two pinches of salt
cover and shake vigorously! The dressing is ready.
cut the pair in half and remove the core
then grate all of it, with the same side again
add to the other ingredients in the bowl and mix with a fork. Then drizzle in some of the dressing and mix again.

Be conservative with the dressing, don’t put too much. It should not be soaked in dressing.

serve as a side with your meal.

Husband Rating: ★★★★★★★★★☆

The beetroot pigment is so strong! I don’t even think it would matter if the pear had been sitting out in the open all day and oxidised! It didn’t release this much colour when I cut it by hand on the first try, the grating helped to release too much of the pigment. I think I’ll use about half of it next time so some of the carrot and pear could show.

Beets are nice, sweet like carrots but the texture is slightly different. The colour is so intense though, I wonder what would happen if you cooked it?

Have you ever used beetroot in anything cooked?

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3 thoughts on “Beetroot, carrot and pair salad with honey and lemon dressing

  1. Hi,
    I have just come across this blog which is very interesting.
    Am not the most brilliant of cooks (i hardly cook-though i love to cook when i have the time- mostly, i do it the kiuk way-everything goes into sufuria, cover untill cooked.
    I love beetroot in stew, turns everything RED!!… I gess the color makes me feel like the greatest and most adventurours of cooks.
    Anyways, lovely! I will be sure to try the salad.

    1. Hey Emily!
      Thank for stopping by!

      hmm,…beetroot in stew. That doesn’t sound bad at all, I’m going to try it!
      I think I’l start with chicken (^_^)

  2. I love beetroot. You just reminded me that I had peeled a beet last night and sliced it for a lunch salad I was to carry today. Ugh! It’s still in the fridge.

    I do my beet in long strips and the carrots similarly sliced with a squeeze of lemon, and sometimes green pepper too.

    Will try adding a pear. sounds good.


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