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Rolex with easy omelette

Had some chapati left from the evening meal the day before, thought this would be a good way to finish them.

Beans in sweet potatoes

I have see this combo and tasted it enough times just I just had to try making it at home…

Leftovers rolled in a chapo

When you cook almost everyday there comes a day when the fridge is so full of leftovers that it doesn’t make sense  to make another complete meal from scratch. This is one of those days (^_^)

Spicy chicken

If you are looking for something that packs a punch on the flavour side of things, this is it…

Matoke with beans

It’s matoke time again! I could eat matoke almost every day. But not hubby. So I try to space out the matoke dishes, although I think I waited too long this time.

Chapos with curried ndengu

Sometimes to reach for the easy way out and surprise yourself — this was delicious!

Potato gratin

My friends and I planned a last minute get together on friday to celebrate two birthdays on a saturday night. To make it easier on the host everyone brought a dish. This was mine.

Cardamom chicken curry

This was nice, will definitely make it again. A lot of ingredients but worth the effort.

Layered chocolate and lemon cake

Pro-bakers will probably cringe at this post but you know what, it turned out fine, it was tasty despite my not using “proper methods” for this or that,… it’s just fun to experiment. Plus doesn’t it look awesome?

Baked chicken with potatoes and tomato salad

Ever wondered how to get the ‘yummy’ into your baked chicken without having to marinate overnight? Well here is one answer…

Oatmeal raisin and chocolate cookies

Go on, have another cookie! (^_^)

Knife skills

No, not for a fight. When you mention knife skills peoples minds go straight to a fight. Most of us use knives every day in the kitchen while preparing meals and I bet it’s never occurred to you that there is skill involved, or that you could improve on the skills you already have.

Comfrey curry and ug

Comfrey is a lovely vegetable. The leaves are a bit rough like pumpkin. How did I discover it? My mother.

Mushroom omelette

I think I had an egg sandwich for breakfast everyday during my last two years in college. And no, they were never this interesting.

Layered baked potatoes – Part 2

And here is how you finish it up. If you haven’t seen part 1, start there first.

Layered baked potatoes – Part 1

This dish requires a lot of preparation and it is worth the effort. So if you have some time give it a go…

Pasta with creamy tomato and eggplant sause

A most delicious way to eat eggplant!

Oatmeal cherry cookies

The great thing about finding a recipe that works for me is it gives me freedom to experiment. Especially when it comes to simple things like cookies. Add this remove that, substitute this with that.

Chocolate cake

I have been planning to try this chocolate cake recipe that I got from my mother for more than 3 months! It finally happened.

Mushroom scramble on buttered toast

Would you like a little fungi in your egg this morning?

French toast with orange and berry topping

If like me, when you’re shopping for fruit, you tend to pass by all the cute little boxes of berries ’cause it always seems like so much money for so little? Well here’s one way you can stretch them out and get your money’s worth. Make a lovely sauce to go over your french toast, waffles or pancakes in the morning. Two or three boxes of berries should stretch out for several days,…

Mixed vegetable soup with home made bread

Vegetable soup is one of the easiest things to make. All you need is a mix of vegetables and a good stock (could be a meat stock or a vegetable stock). Which vegetables is really up to you, just pick your favourites, or just work with what you have. Here’s how I put one together with what I had…

Artisan bread – Part 2: Baking the bread

Not having to knead the dough is awesome, even better is that the dough stores in the fridge for up to 14 days. So you can store it in batches and make a fresh loaf when you need it.

Artisan bread – Part 1: Making the dough

When I used to think about making bread, I was completely discouraged by the amount of kneading that I would have to do. It just seemed like I would be setting myself up for a workout session I didn’t want! Well, I found the solution — Artisan bread! The no knead bread, check it out…

Reviving the garden

Since I started growing these herbs I’ve had what I consider a small glimpse of another world. Oh to be plant! Not an easy thing, especially when you can’t move to get away from the predators that are after you. The battles continue…

Crepes and berries

It is as yummy as it looks in that photo. I would add a sprinkle of icing sugar for presentation if I was to do it again though.

Ugali with okra

Yes yes! Once in a while I like to challenge my fears — or rather take on the challenge of making new/better memories with foods that I ran from as a child. See how this one went…

Peanuts — Method 2

Continuing on the different method for making peanuts… here is one I learned from my mother

Hotdogs in plantain

It’s a triumphant combination of the sweet and salty! Do read on and try it…

Baked eggplant with fried rice

I have never cooked eggplant. I’ve seen my Mother do it, but never done it myself. Figured it was time to give it a go (^_^)

Sweet popcorn

I used to make this a lot in high school, how time flies!

Awesome fried rice and pizza at Mel’s!

I like cooking a lot, I plan the meals and look forward to making them. But once in a while it’s nice to hear that someone else wants to do the cooking.

Pappardelle and sweet tomato sauce

So, it was time to make dinner and I was totally blank! I think the cooking part of my brain is still on vacation. Well, not completely, I’m thinking about making cookies and nuts, baking bread and making chapos. But I can’t combine any of that into a proper meal for dinner! Plus my kitchen still feels like I’m on vacation, I need to stock up on a few things. That’s probably the problem.

Chocolate chip scones

I am really having fun with these scones. They are so easy to make and experiment with.

Pancakes — Breakfast for dinner!

The great thing about cooking is being able to make what you want, when you want it. I don’t have to look for a restaurant that serves breakfast at this hour, I just make it (^_^)

Peanuts – Method 1

Bring on the peanut recipes! Here is the first one…

Ugali with cabbage and beef

Lots of chatter and a quick dinner (^_^)

Rosemary scones

I’ve been on a rosemary kick since shags. Not sure when it will end, but here is another one with rosemary…

Beef in rosemary and garlic, mashed sweet potatoes and green beans

Our first dinner of the year at home…

Chapati — getting perfect layers

In my ongoing quest to perfect my chapati making skills, I asked my Mother-in-law if she would share  some of her insights. She was glad to!