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Home made breadcrumbs

If no one in your house likes the end pieces on your store bought bread, here’s what you can do with them…

Pesto meatball sauce

Meatballs are a happy food! I like eating them. I like them even better when I’m sharing them with friends…

Pesto chicken sandwich

Leftover meat can be great for sandwiches depending on how you made it,…

Chicken strips in pesto, served with creamy sauce

On with the pesto! (^_^)

Pineapple kachumbari

Pineapple is a nice addition to many different dishes, tried it out in this kachumbari and it was awesome!

Marinated beef salad

Continuing with pesto dishes — pesto as marinade!

Chicken breast over pasta and pesto

Here we go — the first quick meal using the pesto!

Pesto and cheese omelette

Nothing wrong with a little pesto in your omelette 🙂

Almond and cashew pesto

I have come to notice that most restaurants have just a couple of signature dishes in their menu and then the rest is the usual stuff. Yup, even the fancy and expensive places. They may serve it creatively a name it something fancy to match their theme but in the end a lamb chop is a lamb chop is a lamb chop! #justsaying

Raisins with raw almonds and cashews

So I’ve been looking for healthy snacks lately, ones that I can make at home. Hubby likes to snack a lot so he buys a lot of pastries. I would like us to start taking some healthy stuff too when we snack.

Marinated chicken breast with spinach & potatoes

December is never long enough, we spend all year waiting for it, saving our vacation time, then when we get there it comes and goes in a flash. Maybe it’s because we just have too much fun (^_^)

Janice wa Moses: Chapati sausage!

Do you remember the foods you used to make up when you were in high school or college? Well Janice does, follow along as she tells us about it…

Janice wa Moses: Interview

Get to know Janice…

Home made spice mix

You can buy ready made mixed spices for anything these days. The market is full of spice mixes for all kinds of dishes. They are great if you are in a hurry and don’t want to have think about which spices to use. I like to experiment though so I tend to get the individual spices and herbs.

Easy rolls: fetta, garlic and oregano

Starting back up with something easy – bread rolls.

Lamb sausages and baked potatoes

Hello! Yes, I am still cooking,… well, not much lately but here and there. I think celebrating that blogiversary put me in a relaxed mode. It’s a major milestone for me. Didn’t  know exactly how this would turn out when I started. It’s been a lot of fun.

Blogiversary giveaway!

Finally settled on the giveaway.

Layered experiment

Not only was this fun to do, it turned out great! Try it out with your own combination of herbs and spices and see how it turns out. Definitely one for repeating.

1st Blogiversary!

Wow! It’s been year already!

Mbaazi and rice with spices

If you’re bored with having plain old rice with your beans, try this twist…

Shiro wa Mogee: Pizzafied chicken breast

This is an awesome and unique recipe. Will take a bit of time to prepare and it will be well worth it in the end, check it out…

Shiro wa Mogee: Interview

Get to know Shiro…

Potato kachumbari

Make lots of this and you can can cook up the leftovers for breakfast the next morning — delicious and versatile!

Melissa wa Declan: Cheesy broccoli

This broccoli recipe from Melissa is a gem! Check it out, give it a try and pass it on!

Melissa wa Declan: Interview

Get to know Melissa…

Introducing guest posts

So I’d like to start doing some guest posts every now and then, here is why…

Mild pilau

I do a fair amount of cooking. Mostly, I’m learning, experimenting, trying new things and some old things. One meal I haven’t learned how to make yet is pilau. This is my first attempt.

Sweet matoke mash with goat ribs

This started out really awkward but ended well. I know it looks funny, especially the mash, the photo just doesn’t do it justice,…

Hubby bakes by proxy: Part 3 — the Bailey’s fruit cake with extra fruit!

More adventure from my fruitcake loving husband,…

Garlic & potato risotto

Served this with a squeeze of lemon, supper delicious! Try it out…

Dill meatballs

Dill is not a herb I use, in fact I think this is the first batch I’v ever purchased. So far I’ve tried them in an omelette, I think that went well. When I was ready to do these meatballs it seemed like a good idea use the dill here too…

Spaghetti, omelet and dill

This was breakfast! I know, sounds crazy, who has pasta or breakfast?!! Well, we did on this morning. This would also make an awesome light dinner dish, so check it out…

Mbaazi, maize and bean stew with mashed potatoes

So, it’s githeri but not quite! And it is delish!

Pumpkin leaves and butternut

If i haven’t said it already, pumpkin leaves are my favourite leafy green veggie, they are awesome when cooked with ground veggies, thats my preferred way to have them, but this is nice as well.

Zucchini, sausages and pasta

What do you do when you get home late and you still have to make dinner? Well, it would be nice to pass by some place and get something to go, on the way home but that’s not always possible.

Mbaazi with sausages

Here’s a nice way to have those sausages you love, if you’re tired of doing what you always do. This will also turn out nice with breakfast beans I think.

Hubby bakes by proxy: Part 2 — the ultimate fruit cake!

Here we go again! This time we put back the lemon grates and added a few other dried fruits…

Tilapia in sage sauce

It’s always exciting to visit mom, every time I see her I learn something new in her kitchen.

Hubby bakes by proxy: Part 1 — cake in raisins!

Sometimes he has ideas, here is one that I tried out. He loves those raisins in his cake…

Brown uji (uji wa ulezi/sorghum porridge)

On porridge and humour — the two absolutely go together.