Pineapple kachumbari

It was one of those days, we were both super tired for some reason. Maybe it was the weather, who knows… basically not a good day for a complicated meal.


I looked in the fridge and all I had was a little bit of leftover beans from two days ago.  

Faster Meals Tip 5: Refresh leftovers!

The beans were too little to serve as a stew for two people, but they were just enough to add colour to some rice. So I cooked half a cup of rice to mix with the beans (like a risotto). While that was cooking I started making some kachumbari.

prepare the ingredients...
prepare the ingredients…

I was preparing the kachumbari as usual (onions, chopped, soaked in warm water with salt, chopped tomatoes, washed and chopped dhania) when I suddenly had a craving for fruit. I remembered I still had some pineapple in the fridge, then I had an idea — why not mix it in the kachumbari?

combine, add salt, juice of half a lemon or lime, mix
combine, add salt, juice of half a lemon or lime, mix

So I did! Chopped up a bit of the pineapple and added to the kachumbari.


The kachumbari was very yummy! The rice and beans was a bit dry so it was nice to have an occasional splash of the sweet pineapple. The rating below is for the kachumbari.

Husband Rating: ★★★★★★★★☆☆


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