I looked at a bunch of recipes online. There are so many different kinds all referred to as pilau of pilaff, most of them seemed like mild versions. I remember my mother spending quite a bit of time preparing the spice mix. These days one can just buy a pack ready to use. I’d like to learn how to mix the spices myself though.


The one I made is very mild,… it is a start. I’ll work up to the real deal slowly.  

the spices, cardamon, bay leaves, cinnamon sticks
cook chopped onions and garlic in some oil until they caramelise

I pre-boiled some goat meat the previous day and saved the stock. I cut the meat while the onions and garlic were softening.

add the spices and the cut meat
add the rice and stir, let lit fry in the mix for about 2 minutes or so
stir often
add stock (whatever is enough to cook the rice), cover and let cook
colour not very strong but the flavour was good

Husband Rating: ★★★★★★★★½☆

Had a small issue. By the time the rice at the top was cooked, I had a thick burned layer of rice at the bottom! Anyone have any idea how I can avoid that?

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5 thoughts on “Mild pilau

  1. Hi. I usually use the 1:2 ratio but use 1/2 a cup of water in the last measurement i.e if i’m making three cups of rice i’ll use five and a half cups of water as oppsed to six. My pilau doesnt burn at the bottom so im not sure if that’s the trick.

  2. This is acquired from my mum, its worked for me too. The amount of cooking oil matters in pilau, less mostly causes the burnt layer………….

  3. Mum told me if I put the rice first before the water, the pilau sticks to the bottom. She suggested once the onion and spices are all fried up, add the very hot water, let it boil and bubble, then add the rice, give it a try and invite me to taste 🙂

  4. you missed black pepper, cumin seeds, ginger, tomatoe paste and the stock or water you are adding should be hot not cold.otherwise looks really yummy.


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