Introducing guest posts

The absolute best new recipes that I’ve tried, I’ve learned from people in my life. I get a lot of ideas from foods that people serve in their homes and potluck lunches, etc, and now from this blog. I’ve had several recipe posts that were from comments or emails I received with suggestions. Have a look,…

@mistersitati‘s baked chicken

El’s avocado, chilli and cheese omelet

Jimmy’s liver sauce

I still have several suggestions from comments that are on my list of things to make.

There are many people doing some really good cooking and it would be great to hear them share from their experiences too. This is where the guest posts come in. I will be asking several people in my circles to contribute a post. Let them pick a dish, tell us their story behind it and how they make it.

All the guest posts will be in two parts, first a short interview post followed by the dish post.

The first guest post will be up in an hour so come back, enjoy the read, leave a comment and hopefully learn something new!


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