Sweet matoke mash with goat ribs

This really reminded me why I would like to move into a house with garden space. I miss grilling! I miss having a proper nyama choma at home. The apartment complex I live in is not very big but there are still rules. One of them is no grilling. Not on the balcony or anywhere in the compound. Makes me sad when my husband brings home a nice rack of ribs with just the right amount of fat on it!

My only option is to use the oven. It does taste good but it’s not the same as roasting over a charcoal fire, just not the same.


This wasn’t a very well planned meal. Only thought about the ribs then realised later I still had to do sides and veggies. I didn’t even get to the veggies.

When I finally settled on a side it was a hodgepodge!   

potatoes, sweet potatoes, and ripe matoke

I settled on mash potatoes. I would mix in sweet potatoes and matoke. The matoke had been sitting around for two weeks. Kept forgetting it was there. It was so ripe but I wan’t going to throw it out.

I boiled the potatoes as usual but I didn’t think the ripe matoke would do well boiled, so I put them in the oven instead. I peeled an extra bunch (yes, I had that much matoke sitting around and ripening!) so I’d have some for something else the next day. Thought they’d come out dry and hard. I got a lot of mush and white liquid. I had second thoughts about using the bananas.

after baking for a 1/2 hour

But then I tasted a small portion and it was fine. So I drained a few and added to the potatoes. Saved the rest in the fridge and threw out the white liquid. In hind site, I should have saved that too. There was nothing wrong with it. It was just a thick white banana flavoured syrup. Very very sweet! Might have been nice to use for something.

cooked potatoes ready for mashing
added some baked matoke and mashed

The matoke gave a very slimy look to the mash. Had to improvise. I fried it in some onions.

2 chopped onions

I wanted to let the onions caramelise before adding the mash mix. I was doing too many other things, so the onions burned a bit.

add the mash to the onions, stir and let it fry a bit
oven roasted goat ribs, that meat was so soft it just came off the bones! This was a plain roast, nothing fancy added, just salted.
the ribs were supper soft!

Husband Rating: ★★★★★★★★☆☆

I think the experimental mash turned out very well.

What experiments have you done in your kitchen lately?

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