Pesto chicken sandwich

Very simple.

There was some chicken and creamy sauce left over and hubby wanted me to pack him lunch, he wasn’t going to have a place to warm it, so rice didn’t seem like a good idea. But a sandwich would do great!

ready to bag!

In addition to the chicken, I added the following layers of other ingredients (first I buttered the bread lightly):  

The creamy sauce (a light spread)
A few onion rings
Spinach leaves (palak). Then a layer of the chicken strips. And a layer of sliced tomatoes
Another layer of spinach

Done! Cover with the second slice of bread and bag it! Or just eat it if it’s not for later! (^_^)

very fresh!
very fresh!

When he came to pick me up that evening I asked him how he liked the sandwich

I haven’t eaten it yet. I will eat it right now.

What?! Why not? What did you have for lunch? [I expected him to say a lunch meeting came up or something,…]

I had some chips! But I’m going to eat it right now. Would you drive while I eat?… No! Scratch that! I’ll just eat it first, then we can go.


So we sat in the parking lot while he ate the sandwich. He took some very enthusiastic bites! Wasn’t sure if he was enjoying it or rushing so we could get out of there and head home! After 5 min,..

hmphh!! [last bite still in mouth] Very nice I like it. It’s a 9.

Really?!! That good!

Well,… to be honest, it’s an 8.5, the extra half is for you, so you don’t feel so bad about me not having it for lunch!

Gee! Thank you?! (-_-)

 Husband Rating: ★★★★★★★★½☆

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