Layered experiment

This is a very vegetarian dish. Not by choice though. It was a Saturday, hubby left very early that morning for a meeting and was to be back for lunch. By the time I started to think about making lunch I found I was out of meat. What do you do when you have a kitchen full of starches? — Experiment off-course!

served with slice of avocado

I went for the potatoes and pumpkin. Layered them with some herbs and spices, onions and carrots, then topped with cheese.  

first, butter the glass dish before you start layering (reduces sticking, makes it easy to wash)
slice the potatoes. I cooked the potato slices for a little while first, just half way. I didn’t think they would cook as fast as the pumpkin and sweet potato
the pumpkin, I cut a quarter of if, removed the seeds and made slices
once everything is cut up you can start layering,… potatoes first
then a layer os the cut pumpkin, sprinkle with salt
then basil leaves (I think next time I’ll do dries basil/dried oregano, the fresh ones look funny when they get baked)
then grated carrots
then sweet potato slices, sprinkle salt and cinnamon
then a layer of  followed by chopped onions ad a bit of grated garlic, sprinkle with salt
top with grated parmesan cheese
bake in the oven for 1hr and 15 min, at 180°C, covered

Husband Rating: ★★★★★★★★☆☆

Goodness that cheese really burned! But that’s my fault, I didn’t cover it. Better to leave out the cheese, keep covered, then uncover and add the cheese for the last 10 minutes.

But it still tasted good. Especially with the avocado.

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