Beans in sweet potatoes

I have attended several events in the last year that had a sweet potato dish like this. By my best estimation, it looked like mashed sweet potatoes and beans, with some of the beans still whole. It was so delicious every time I had it. I would ask the people I sat next to what it was called but no one seemed to know. If you do let me know. I’d really like to know.

the goat, it’s a back bone piece. I boiled it in the pressure cooker before frying to help soften it faster.

This is my attempt at replicating the sweet potato dish. It didn’t look exactly like what I remember but it was still very tasty. Maybe I’ll crush the beans before folding them in next time.   

sweet potatoes cooking in water
pre-cooked beans defrosted
the green onions, still waiting to do that dish,… they’re drying up. so I chopped some up to fry with the goat.
the cooked potatoes peeled and cut
spinach fried in a bit of garlic and oil
potatoes are mashed, folding in the beans
frying the green onions for the goat
the potato and bean mix was awesome, especially with the spinach

Husband Rating: ★★★★★★★★½☆
Greens and sweet potatoes were awesome!
Meat was a little chewy!! 

Yeah, the meat was chewy! I didn’t cook it long enough (-_-)

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4 thoughts on “Beans in sweet potatoes

  1. The dish is called Musenye or Mushenye and you can mush the beans first if you prefer. It’s actually a traditional Luhya dish 🙂

  2. I love mushenye with goat too ha ha. I usually boil the sweet potatoes peeled and cubed, then add the pre cooked beans when the potatoes are almost, that way some get soggy and easier to mash. Please tell me you have tried the same with peas instead of beans? Yum yum.


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