Pasta with creamy tomato and eggplant sause

Sometimes I have to think quick! He is so hungry and he just can’t wait very long so I have to make something simple. It usually ends up being an omelet sandwich or a mishmash of leftovers with one thing new.

This time brilliance happened! OK, it may not look that brilliant, and it’s very simple so it probably will not sound brilliant. But it is. To me it is. It’s my first spontaneous eggplant dish!


After the “I’m really hungry!” announcement he grabbed a few cooking, to hold him while I made him something. That was great ’cause it gave me a little more time.

The fastest starches to make are pasta and rice. I didn’t have an idea for what I would make to go with the rice, but I could make simple tomato sause for the pasta — so pasta it was!

The sauce: grate five cloves of garlic and chop 4 tomatoes. Cook them in some olive oil, don’t let the garlic burn. Use medium to low heat. When the tomatoes soften add a 1/4 to 1/2 cut of cream (to taste). Let it sizzle and meld for 2 minutes. Done. You can add in a herb too, like basil or parsley.

So while I was chopping the tomatoes it occurred to me that I could add the eggpant!! There was a second in there where I thought it might be a bad idea — I shut it down fast and chopped the eggplant. It was half of one. In the photo, I’ve just added the eggplant with the tomatoes.
add a little bit of heavy cream, I used about about 1/4 cup, salt (to taste), and tore in a couple of basil leaves. Stir for a minute, and it’s ready
creamy goodness!


Husband Rating: ★★★★★★★★½☆


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