Pancakes — Breakfast for dinner!

Honestly, I was just tired, chopping onions and peeling garlic didn’t sound particularly exciting. I wanted something easy. I asked my husband what he thought of the idea and he said “Sure, I’m down for that!” Phew! (^_^)

egg, salt and water

These pancakes are easy. All you need is one egg, salt to taste, water and baking flour. I did a 1/2 teaspoon of salt with 200ml of water + enough flour to get the consistency of the batter right (that was about 1¾ cups).  

add flour and whisk till there’s no lumps
no lumps

You want the batter to be think but runny, it should not cling to a spoon in chick blobs if you were to dip one in for example. It would just leave a light coat on it.

I moved the batter into a cup with a spout for easy pouring
you’ll need some cooking oil for the pan

Put the frying pan on the fire, medium head and let it heat up a little. Then coat it with about a tablespoon of oil and pour in about 1 to 1½ ladles worth of batter. Tip the pan in a circular motion as you do it to spread the batter evenly on the pan.

pour in about a ladle
wait till the top is completely dry
then start lifting from the sides towards the centre. If it sticks and the pan is too dry add a little oil, then turn
turned! let the other side cook
just speckled with golden brown
hubby had his with honey and a squeeze of lemon

Husband Rating: ★★★★★★★★☆☆
I can’t tell the difference between these and crepes

The difference is these are thinker, bigger and salty not sweet. They’re are actually nice for rolling. I’ve rolled different vegetables in them in the past.

I had mine with honey and cheese
rolled up

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