Peanuts — Method 2

This is the way my mother makes them. Off course, she hasn’t always had a microwave, so I’m not sure what she did before.

In fact, I remember the year we got our first microwave. It was in 1993! I should ask her what she used to do before, it might be interesting.

the nuts

So, assuming you’ve gone though the nuts to remove the bad ones and they’re clean, place them in a microwave safe bowl, preferably glass.

IMPORTANT: Make sure the dish you use is safe for cooking in the microwave. There are many microwave safe containers, but not all of them are safe for cooking in the microwave. A lot of them are just safe for warming things in the microwave.  

add a heaped teaspoon of salt (or to taste) and 3 tablespoons of cooking oil (or enough to coat the nuts)
stir with a spoon till evenly coated

Switch your microwave to cooking mode.

QUICK NOTE: When cooking in a microwave food heats from the bottom up. So with peanuts, if you leave the nuts in there too long the ones at the botton will burn before the ones at the top get cooked. With other foods, follow the instructions given. For the peanuts, do a few minutes at a time and pull them out to stir in between.

So here is the sequence: 2min, stir, 2min, stir, 1min, stir, 1min, stir,… (when you stir, scoop the bottom nuts and bring them to the top)

After the the first two-2min rounds, only put them back in for 1min at a time. And taste the nuts, pull one out crack it and check the colour, if it’s browning on the inside then it may be cooked. Start tasting after the first 1min round.

after first 2 minutes in the microwave
when they’re cooked, lay them out in a pan to cool (only did up to four-1min rounds)

Sometimes they taste cooked but feel a bit moist/soggy, don’t put them back in the microwave, they’ll dry out as they cool (^_^)

when they’ve cooled, rub lightly with a napkin to remove the excess salt. It will just fall off to the bottom to the pan 
till all the large chunks of salt fall off
serve or store for later

Husband Rating: ★★★★★★★★★☆

They become dry and crunchy, very nice.

I must admit though, I think these were cooked a little bit too long, but he likes them that way. When I think I’ve got them just right he complains they’re not done enough! I guess we have different ideas for ‘done’ when it comes to peanuts (^_^)

salt left on the napkins in the tray


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